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A Safe Investincnt. ís one wlilcli i fíu.iriiiitced to bring yon atisfactory re?nlts, or n case of fallure a eturn of purcliiisc prlce. On t his Bufe )]im you can bny from our arivertised )rugKleta bottle of Dr, ECing'e ííew Di-covery for Conumpt1on. It is tcuiinu:eed to briny; relief In every case, wben used for Ruy .'ifi'ctinn of Throat, Lungs or Clie8t, sucli as CnnsumpUon, [nflamiiatioti of Ludes, líroncliiiií, Aathm i, Wlionpint; CoURh, Croup, etc., ele. It is i]( :i-iint nnd ftgreeable to tafite, perfectly ate, nd trial bottlesat Eberbncb it Son 8 rugstore. Ttios. Ilaylcy & Son hive solí! ovpt ,500 bottles of tbeir Electric Enamel 'nrniture pollsh wlthln tlie pas-t year, vliich provescoticluslvely bow excellent n article it i?. Mr. Vitiipt isagoou singer and dancer, nd playa the careles, happy but brave rigb boy wltb gplrit and ttlctivencss. - 'blladefpbia Record. Uark.iclic is alinost imincdiatcly rníeved by wearing one of Cnrter'b Braart Veed and Belladonna Backacbe Piasters. 'ry one aud be freo from imin. Price 5 cent3. Il is tlio prciK'ral opinión tlial tlic aereado of' ouious will be smal! this seasou aa compara! witb previons one9. The failurc of the past two ycars bas been very diicountglng. Ncxt Saturdrty, April I9lh, Hou. J. L. Lowden in to rmd a paper before the Karmer's and Cltlzen'a Alhance of Ypsllanli upoii "llow to Improve the Ilighv;ivs.'' u is to be lioped he will have a Urge nmlieiice of interested land owners. At tlie meeting of Welcli l'ost G. A. R. on Frlday evenlDjf, tlie llth inst., the followlng resolution was unanimously adopted: RatolveJ, Tbat tlie thnnks of this Post are teiiclereil to .liiniiis E. Beal, James L. Babcock, A. I,. Noble, Mack A Schmld, J. T. J's ooba ft Co. and Dr. W. B, Smlth tor thelr llberality In donting $5.00 eacli to parchase Uckets '.to the O. A. H. lecture and concert, and whlch wereby thelr reqnest dlstrlbuted nintmti the pupHs of the ward schools. Also to ihose in authority at the Universlty for thelr ussIstiuiiT In secarlng Universlty Hall witliout charge for the entertainment. After paying all expenses the balance left for the Tost Relief Fund Is $147.


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