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Joseph Cook of llostnn speaks here tlie 2!th. You can adilroís hlm as "President Howletl" DOW. John Uoetz lms boiij;lit the residonce of Capt. ('Iims H. iianly on S. Main strcct. Tlie warm, damp spring weather has lirouüht wheut lorward in a bandsome insnner. K. B. Lewis aiul li. E. Lewls wen; admltted tociUzenshlp In tlie circuit court Monday last. The base ball eathusiasm does not eeem to die outany among the boys1, bot on tlie contt'ary is increasing. An open meeting is tobe held ly the Carpen ter Union on Frtday eveulngin their hall on S. Min st. City Englneer J. B. Davis is to survey the route for the new Ann Arbor electric street rallway tlie coming week. Catharine Krflus has iï led n bill for divorce frotn Caleb Krans on tlie jrround of extreme cruelty and f.iilure to support. In the Methodist cliurcli, next Bnnday evening, Dr. Stadley 11 lectnre on "The Laws and Modes of Life of the Early Hebrevvs." Bee keepers bave Bucceeded admirabl; thls winter in taking Iheir bees througb. Now If the Bowera wiil only bloom in ie sering, tra la. J'lic Baron river ia liijrher tliis spring titan t has been for several years. No serious objections to the Iluron setting "hi;rh" if t can. lïev. John l'.Uey Thompson, D. D., of Brooklyn, X. Y. wlll dellver the next leoture before the Wesleyan Quild, sometinie npxt montli. The worst stnrmsof the yoar are promised for the 19th, 20th auü 21st of this montli. After that It Is s:iiil we sliall liave spring. Hopeso. It is said that tlie Dame Baster comes f rom the okl Saxon word "oyester," but some way the nyster Is about plrtyed out at Baster In this section. Tne Ann Arbor Gas Co. elected tlie following directora Monday: S. S.Doaglusa, S. T. DouKlas., H. V. Douglaas, E. D. Kinne, and David Kitisey. The Methodist Sund iy School of this city mide an Eister offering of $10ö for missionary purposes. I n atidition to this the school gives KboutS-S.Oü[ier montli lor the 9ame purposefl. David Rinsfiy Int-; l)oug!it the old IIcnr'.ques property, corner of Liwrence and División sts. He wlll move the old house on the lot nortli anl will ereot a ñap reIdence on tlie corner. It is time to be making arrangements for the rain of Decoration Day again. It has not failed to rsin in Anu Arbor on that day but once for many years, soine say since the day was first observed. Our good democratie friends appear to be very much elated over electing a few supervisors and municipal officers ttiis spring. They sliould remember, however, that when it comes to choosing governors and presidenta the republicans all get out and vote. Sportsmen hore have. been killiug a species of dueks known as ocenn ducks, supposed to have been dr i ven nortli by tbc gtonni. Jasper Inius, jr., killed a large number of tbem on the riverrecently, and they are found to be excellent enting. A raginj toothache came near ending the life of Charles Winslow of the 5th ward last Fiidsiy. In attempting to rcreileve it he toak on over dose of laudanum, and it required several hours work by Dr. Darllng and hls anistanta to save his life. In the electiou returns given last week a mistake was intide in copyiug the returns from the 4tli ward on mayor. Capt. Manly received 8'J instcad of 10G majority in tliat ward, makinjr bis majority in the city 110 Instead of 127 as given. Well, we are thankful for sniall favore tbig year. The State Board of Health is said to be in search of lagrippestatistics. Let'ssee! We have a faint recollection of that monster or microbe or whatever it is, but don't you tbink for a minute that any statistici can be gnthered from us abont it. It shook all "liggers" out of our head. Lee On the Cliinaman wlio went crazy at Howell a few days ugo was brought here by bis brotlier wlio runs the Chinese laundry on Huron st. Last eveniiiK he escaped and started out on an antelope galop. The oflicers took after hiin nnd proved tbemselves better runners, and so recaptured and took hlin tojail. In the circuit court yetterday mornInK ttiere was a case of considerable interest to the public In general and farmers in particular. The principie to be settled is whether a person havjnf a right of way aeross another man's 1:uk1 ha8 the right to malntaln a fence along its sido. Jiulge Kinne bas the decisión under adviseuient. President Scott, of the new briek and tile compiny, is in reoeipt of numerous letter from ül! over the state askinr for a specimen bi ick from their new yards here. An establishment with a cupacity of 3,000 per year, as credited In Situiday's Detroit dailies, must be a boomer, henee the great desire for samples. It Is thought that one brick for each inquirer will about exhaust the tirst year's output. Burt Murrny, nged 10 year?, (lied at h!s home on Jeflcrson st. last Friday, of consunption. Jamos Roblson is flttlog the upper story of his atables for storing bis carriles nnd bugics. The Detroit Presbytery ut its meeting in ï'psilanti last week voted unamiously for tlie revisión of tlie creed. Sunday was snel) a beautlful day tliat all the riLs in town were out, and everyboly who could took a ride for their bealth. The nlneteentb annual fair of tlie Eastern Micliigan Arricultural Society will be Iield at Ypsllanti, Midi, Sept. 16, 17, 18 and l!, IS'.io. Mrs. P. B. B. de Pont is called to mourn the loss of a sister wlio died last week in Xew York City. She was ever active in good works. The fruit bmla are In a dangerous condltlon for a heavy freeze up now, and so we all hope that Old Jack Frost will not visit us agniii until next October. Hev. John Clallin, of Ovid, was marrled Tucsday evcning at 7JL o"clock to KIst Matei Millory by Rev.O. C. Bailey, of Clielsen, at the resldence of the bride' parents in Dexter. Bulletins 57 and 58, issued by the Agricultural Experiment Station at the State Agricultura! college, are tiinely and of interest to those engaged in horticulture, agriculture or gardening. Kobert Hiiywood, who has been with Geo. L. Moore for some time, is now witli A. L. Xoble, takinc; the place of Walter A. Noble, who goes to Niles to enter into the boot and shoe trade for himself. Quite a number of the Baptist people of our city expeet to altend tlie State Baptist Bundnv Scliool conveiition at YpsiiBDtl. I)r. Ba8kell and Itev. A. S. Carman will t;ikc un Retire p.irt in tlie proceedllfíS. Our contempnr.iry tlie Arjjus, started out as a acnii-ueikly yesterday mornlng. Tin' Hillii' itiiiii dnya belnjj Tuesdays and Prldays. The Tuesiny editlon will be four ):i s and the Filday editlon eiglit It ÍS umlerstood that Mayor Manly s besieged on every other comer by some noble patriot wlio dcsires to serve this communlty in some capaclty, eitlier as city treasuror, attorney, on some of the boards or in some official capacity. Great is glory '. We notice in some republican townships a democrat and a republic ui vvere placed on the Board of Review. As there is no possible way for politics to fere with the duties of tlie-e oflioes, would it not be u good thing for all townships to follow. that example? Will Oerstner has the proiul record of not missing one dny sinee lie commenced dellvering bread in the spring of '81. Tlierc s a record of nlne year's service that it will be hard to beat. Soine of our young boys can learn fróna thla how success comes to people. It is by folthfully working lor t. The long familiar sound of the blaoksmitu's haramer in the shop opposite the C'ni'uiKB office has ceased tobe heard, and the pleasant and familiar taces of the Esslinger Bros. are no longerseen iu that locality, for they have picked up t'neir trapa and removed tlie sameto a bdllding on Si'coiidst., between Hurón a;id Washington strect-. Don"t feed able-bodied trampa. Tliere is an abandonos ! vork in tliis vlolnity and uo excuse for idlers. If the lazy vagabonds won't work tlien let them go hungry. To feed the ín is not only charity tnrown away but olferinis encouragement to laziness and vlce. The editor of the Dexter Leader never wrote a truer tem in his life. And vvhat s appllcable there is just as applicable here. To feed trampa is to encourage vice and lazlness. It is rnisapplied charity, and good people should stop it. T. E. Ilovvlett, brother of our popular county clerk and president of the council, was elected supervisor of U nadilla at the late township election. Wlio knows but he may be county clerk and president over at Howellyet? And S. A. Howlett a cousin was elected supervisor of Waterloo, Jackson Co., while two gentlemen of the 3une name were elected to town offices in LyndoD township. They seem to Howlett up In that seclion. Mrs. Oriniston Chant fllled the pulpit !n the Unit arlan church lastSunday morniiiL and even Ing, and spoke before the Unity Club on Jlonday evening. Mrs. Chant is one of those brainy, progressive Knglish ladies wlio bas In her manners and speech a charm that captivates her hearers. She s magnetlc and draws her amlieiice to her, and wbat she has to say is so loaded down with purity and common sense that we do noc notice the femininity of the speaker. Mrs. Chant can alwaya rely upon large audiences in Ann Arbor. At a meeting of the Board of Managers ot' the county Agricultura! and Horticultural Society last Thursday p. m., John Krann, of Superior, was ehosen sup't of the departmeut of sheep, in place of Benj. D. Kei ley, of Superior. A resolution wa passed forbidding the use of the grounds, buildings or fences for advertlslng purposes, unless by consent of the Society; Treaenrer Dell was authorized to get up a "bee" to help make the new track for the society, and lie Will be glad to receive any profera for work that wlll be made by generously inclined people, the work to be done between May 15th and 31st. Rev. and Mrs. Benj. Day received the following very plensinpr remembrance froni their old home upon the occasion of their golden wedding, whicti occurred on April 5tb, of whlch a notice was given last week: Nkwark, N. J, April 5, '90. To Rkv. Benj. Day :- The Newark Confercuce In annuat conlerence asaembled, sends grectlngs to the Kev. HenJ. Day and nis wiie on the celebratíou oí the tiftiethannlver:iry of Iheir niarriage. J. M. FREEMAN, H. A.BUTTrt. The above is a beautiful testimonial of regard to those who long years aso were laborers in that lield. Èxpression was given by a unanimous rising vote. Bishop Kewmau was presiding. At a meeting of the Ann Arbor Brick, Tile and Sewer Pipe Co., of this city, last Thtirsday evening the following offleers were elected: President, Evart H. Scott; vice-president, Frederick Schmid; secretary, Herman Hutzel; treasurer, Mlchael J. Fiitz; superintendent, Herman Hutzel; assistant superintendent, Tltus F. Hutzel. The above offiVers ennstitute the board of directora ilso. The capital took is $25,000. Work has alrcady been coininenced with about tliiity men and a large nurnber of teams. Tlie boiler and engine are alreiidy here and things will be pushed witli a vigor. Ilcnry C. Gregory, son of Hon. Chas. S. Gregory, ot Pexter, died on Friday lMt, at Dwight, 111., where he had gone in conipany with his wife for ashortsti)'. The deceasc-d was a member of the banking lirm of C. S. Gregory & Son with wblch he had boen identified for several years. He was a man who was generally esteemed. Hu had a wurm siilc in his nature for humanity, and hls presence will m missed and sadly miswd By the people with whom he lived from boyhood to death. In any benevolcnt enterprise Mr. Gregory was ahvays ready to do and to give liberally. As a member of the congregation of 8t. Jamea chuch he was ever ready to lend aid linanclally and otherwise to lts upbuilding and prosperity. He may have had faults but his warm heartedness covered them over. He leaves a wife but no cbildreu.


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