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Poor old Ben. Franklin has reeeived a new coat of paint. The base ball boys are improvlng the vacation week, by practice. Prof. Luderer has been obliged to give up hls classes in the university. A fine group of the sophmore co-eds s on exhibition n lïantlall's wlndow. Prof. M. E. Cooley lefl Friday eveniag witli hls class for Pittsburgh and other cities. The Latin room of Prof. Kclsey, is be nghundsomely fltted up. It was ncetiec bad ciiough. The of the City of New York is lulkmir about establishing a scliool of pedagogy. The St. John".-) College at Annapolis Md., has a large banjo club and also a glee club, not comblned. Tlie Presbyterian College at Emporia Kansas, now owns property vulued at .$1000,000 and getting there ia greatshape. At Columbia College the caiulldate passing the best exumin:ition in the school of arts will begiven a frcescholarBhip for four years. The editor of the Philodelpliia Hccord, Win. M. Singerly, is to present a window costing $1,000 to the new M. E. Church building at Dickinson College. The junior laws were beaten 8 to 11 by the high school nine last Saturday morning. The lutter nine ulso dofeated the lit. soph's in the afternoon by a score of 3 to 10 in five iiinings. The Oracle is out and is full of grinds and other matter interesting to the students and university people. The illustaations are very üue Indeed, and the Sophmores are to be Congratulated upon the publicatlon. Prof. de Pont has been eltcted president of the Choral Union; A. II. Hopkinp, Secy.; Prof. A. A. Stanley, Treas.; Miss Julia Romlnger, Librarían; F. C. Dorrance ass't librarían; and Mrs. N. S. Hoff inember of the board of directora. Dr. Geo. F. Heath, the fint republican mayor of Monroe for so niany years tliat the meniory of man hardly runnetli back, is a gradúate of the medical department class of '81, was president of the cluss for two years, and helped to found the Argonaut. The stadent n the mechanical laborafory have a drill nearly completed. Mr. Taylor drew the plans, the studente in the wood room made the pntterns, thosc 11 the foundry did the casting, and those in the iron room polished, linislied and titted it. All done by the students and a valuable machine. The University Glee and Banjo Clubs met with a brilliant reception at Grand Rapids, plaj'ed to a bijr house, and was given a fine reception by the O-wash-tanong and Peninsular Clubs. At Kalamazoo a similiir program was carried out, Miss Mand Guller givitig; the reception They sing liere on the 25th. At the grand council of the Phi Kappa Pui fraternity, held last week in Chicago, charters were refused the Yale Law School, and to Baker University, Kansas. The application of the University of West Virginia for a charter was approved, but left to the individual ehapters for final RCtion. The next council will be held in 1893 at Cincinatl. Prof. Wllliam Hyde Appleton bas declined to ccept the presidency of Swarthmore College, to which office he was recently elccted. In a letter to the board of managers he says the office woiild not be congenial to liim, and tliat lie prefers to continue in what he conslders liis lifework - th at of teacher. He will however, remaln as iictinc; president until a president símil be elected. ADEI.PUI PIANO CIIRISTENING. We print below the program for the Adelphl muslciile to bc given in the Law Lecture room, on Fnd.iy eveuiug of this week, at 8 p. m. In order to avoid overcrowdinjr, the small admission fee of 15 cents will be charged: I. Pianosolo (on the;new pinno.) Miss D&vll. II. Contralto solo (wlth flute obligto) Miss Lutz. (piano accompaniment.) Mrs. Prof. Kempf. III. Strlng quartette. Messrs. Clement, Slorrafele, Moore and Warden. IV. Jubllle Slngers (theonly original.) v. Vlolln and piano doet, Mr. anrl Mrs. Clement. VI. Dplta Heta Delta. Male quartette. VII. Flateduet, Messrs. McOmber and Acterian. VIII. Amphlon quartetle, Mlssi's Ball, Cole, FounUtln, and Hadley. IX. TIn whistleand guitar. Messrs. Sleberst and Hlg'ey. X. Solo wlth flute obligHto. Miss Ball and Mr. McOmbor, accoinpanlst Prof. O. B. Cady. A story is in clrculation here to tlie effect tliat one Mra, Obermiller of Freedom, wliose husband died sometirae since and left her In comfortable circumstances, bus been taken In badly by a bse deceiver. Mrs. O. was won by the wily smiles of one Jacob Schanz shortly after her husband died, so the story goes, and they were married. The property belonging to her was sold and other property costing less was purchased, the balance being deposited in the bank. Finally the money, about $G00, was taken out of the bank for safe keeping at home. Last week one day the money dteappeared and so did Schanz, and neither have been 9een since. Schanz left a letter stnting thut as Mrs. Schanz had told him to go to the devil, he had concluded to go to California, and bidding her good-bye. It iü suimised tliat Schanz bas returned to bis old home in Germany. Jas. L. Stone bade bis many friends here good bye last Saturday, and left for Rushvlllc, Ind., whcre he goes into the hotel business. Mr. Stone is one of the kind who wil] make friends wherover he goes, and tlie people Hushville wil] find him a gentlemanly and genial lanillord. "Succesö to him" is the universal wish of Ann Arbor people.


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