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Mr. Verner is a big, manly fellow, with a handsome face, marked by nlmo-t perect features. - Boston llerakl. Miss Hfimlin, tbe soloist, sang beautiully. Her voice is wcll konwii here nd her appearanoe last rvening was a ellght to all. For an encoré to her first iimber slie sane Spohr's "Hose Sweetiy Jlooming," beautifullw I t;r next iiumier was simar beautlt'ully, bilt in lier enore, "Last Niht." she fairly ezcelled íerself. - Albany Express. Verner sends bis audience away fifter ota of tears and Btnllee, bearty hand laps and boisterous plaudits, pleased and uipy.- Philadelphia Times. Ikfr. Verner is one of tbe brightest of lisii comediaos. He makes bis audience aiigli or touches it with tbe tender cliords f tsympathy at wil!. - Boston Globe. A small audieDce listened to tbe conert jriven by ütto Hegner, tbe boy pianst, and a COmpany of accomplished artists ast evenina;. 'l'lie programme opened vitb a sextette by tbe Mendelssolm Quin?tte Club. Tlie dt'llghtful perfection of tiis feature of the entertainment was mmensely pleasing to the audience and lie applause was beartv. A Bextette vitli violin obligato by Willieliu Ohliger was a delightful feature of tbe erening, nd tbe entertainment as a wliole was ne seldom eqaaled in point of exclence. - New Haven (Conn.) Paladlum. One of tbe most experienced atd enretic managers now lianclling recognized oad attractions, is T. II. Winnutt, wlio is ow travellng and personally manaelng ie tour of tbe legitímate Iri.-b comedian, j. E. Verner. Mr. Wlnnett wbose ñame ias become pynonj'mous with success, xpresses bimself very enthusiastlcally eifardingr ;be comedian, declarin? that: In Mr. Cbarles í Verner be lias seured a star of unusual billliancy, pose8sino; intenso dramitie poner and mar elous personal ma;netisin ; and one of ie trut'8t and best exponent of Irisb liaracter now before the public. Miss Hamlin lias not been beard pioinnently here sioce lier return trom lier uccessful season in Kurope, and the rare bilityofthis Boston artiste was apain lade most apparent. Her voice isessenally a dramatic one, and it proved wcll uited to botb the vorl of t lie even Ing. ts quality is pecu'iiarly musical, and the alue of tbe studies made by tbe Blnger ince sbe was last beard here was fully liown in the artistlc results attendlng all ier ettbrts. In the Verdi Mass lier urand oice met tbe full demanda of the score, nd her singins gave genuino pleasurf. Miss Hamlin shows excellent taste in her vork, and the faultiesa purity and reübility of lier tonea at all times is a source f rare satisfaction. Her abillties were ully appreciated, and sbe will be a weiome soloist in future concert events


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