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LADIES ! THE (INI.l I llic World tliat wlll not fado, crock, stain the fcet, or turn green re SMITHUNGtLL'S s Ü I.W ? II m s ■8 Ü Sr 3 2 5 O - SB e -. - S 5? i; = ;■ ■ Bi S o"C5 V 5 Sí V ? I L = a a II sfs Every v firm sclling n. f hosiery hearing our. ■ Trade Mark ivffl j. QUABANTBB. S'l 1 1 ó s. S&J&k ft j? g. Q-! i Y) W X?s s I" I 'S Cr -í?í7íí íw7 give 1, N" SATISFACTION ' jL N (?r w?iy refunded. s 7 wTuXesale attly. yy . miïA & Angelí, sf We slioir the largcst Stock of FáST : BLACK : HOSIERY -A.2STÍT- j -AEBOE Ilavingr sold Ihis bi'iind of Stockns now for one year, uid lmvln tlioroughly tcstcd the nods, we conl'ulcntly recouiincnd thcui to out custtniicrs as in art iele of Ureat Mc rit . We can say we never had one pair rcturned. Solé A ge nis for Ann Arbor. Schairer & Millen. GRAND OPERA HOUSE ONE NKMIT Om.iT. Tuesday, April 2d. Engagement of the notcel IRISH COMEDIAN, CHUS, E, VERNER Uiuler the manngempiit of MB. T. II. WINN KTT. Tears nd Smilps. Fun without Vulgarity. Full ïïouses Everywhere. Reserved Seuts at W'uhr's. XJSTJJLIj - PBIOES. GRAND OPERA HOUSE - ONE NIGIIT ONLY - MONDAY, APRIL 21 THE FAMOl's OBtQINAL -endelöliii u.intette CLUB OF BOSTONTHOS. ItYAX, - - - O'roctor. - ASSISTKJ) BT- MISS ELIZABETH HAMLIN, Prima Donna Soprano. PRICES, 35c, 5Oc and 75c. Secare se;us ai Wabr't bookstore. SCHOOL OF EXFBESSION 22 SOUTH STATE ST. ProvUles iustmotloo i" Voice Culture, Physical Culture, Kindergarten, English and Cerman,) AND LANGUAGE: a) The Elements of Expressive Speech. b) Germán on the Synthetic Plan. SI'lilNli IXBH ÜKQINS TUESDAY, APñlL 8th. ORÍN CADY, Principal.


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