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ValuaUe - Real - Satate ï POE SALE. The followlng property belonging to I.yiimn i. James: The Franklin House. The "Monitor" property. Sis Lots on the corner of Fourth aml Liberty sts. Honse and Lot on Liberi y st . Arri.Y to EUGENE E. BEAI, AGENT. ICE. ICE. ICE. Keep cool during the coming summer by contracting with E. I '. II. for ice at the following rates: 25 Ibs. daily, except Sunday, $4.00 per mo_ " " 4 times a week, $3.50 " " " 3 " " $3.50 " ii ii 2 " " $2,00 " E. V. HANGSTERFER 3O S. lLJHSr ST. To Restaurants, Hotels, etc,, in ■500 Ib. lots, 40c per Inindred. Less guantüy, 50c. ALMÖND SKINlTR Wö The only H'II.KKS in Ann Arbor. Ky Ira Wllkps (59111). ,ü:'í. Sire of .hul Wilkos :5yrs.) 3 heat? 2:30, MU, :25M, the oldest colt tnilmd. Owii brotliur toMike Wllkes, 2:15%. mul Adrián Wllkes. sli-e of Rox Wllke, :l.and Lilian, 2:1 11 ,'. First dam by Hambletoniau öeorfte, 'JS'Ji, slre of Ktl. Mack, j.2i;'í, etc Beoond tem by Gen. Tavlor, matinee 27 In 18M. Hom of Black Hawk 0; Thirddam by Black Llou. Kourtli ilami'aDadlan. lilack horae, fouled 1S86, l(i handn. Strona all aroand ml well tlnmhed. Hai trotthie actlon. but prefers and is rapid at the pace iwul wlll be trained at that gnte alt rjulylst. Trottlug brcd I'aeers are now leadiuK theyoung. Sires SHlney, 7 yrs. with 5 In 2::. Hormlt, tl yrs. one lu 2:'i7%. Happy Russell, 'i yrs., has one In 2:4!% youDsast slre known; and others can be named to show tbat the pace Is necessary to produce frist trottors. Minnl S., 2 :ÜS '. Jay-Eyc-Sic. 2:104, and Sunol, 210tf, are all natural paoen. Trm: Insure fZï, due Keb. lst, 1891, or $10 down and flS wlu'ii live lonnd colt I is foaled. Hls loals of 188Í are trotters and iviiy lreeder should see thera. UK. .1. A. Kr.l.I-, Veterlnary Inflrmary, -'t W. Hnrou st., Anu Arbor. BEAL ESTÁTE AND INSURANCE A8EN0Y.'. OF J. Q. A. SESSIONS, ATTORNEY AND NOTARY PUBLIC Real Estáte gold or rented and renta colleeted uu reasonable terms. None but old and ürst-class Insurance Companles represeuted - wlth Insurance capital of $10,UOO,UOO. Kates as low as any ot lier iusurauee corapany and Iokhok promptly pald. Office No. 5 North Malu street. Aun Arbor. Mlcli. ANN ARBOR FRUIT FARM! BEBRYÍLANTS, FRUIT AND ORKAHERTAL TRKKB Fears and Grapsvines a Special ty! SYRÜP8 AND HOME MADE WINE. Syrups of RaRpberry and of Bartlett Pears. Bonesett, Dandelion and Raspberry Wlnes and Slirubs. Sweet Red and wblte Coucord, and Martba Grapa Wlnes, espenlally preparad for Invalida. Order trees and plant-s early as we get most of them froin tbe best Kasteru Nurserles. K. H % ril. WKS I II I KON HTKRKT.


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