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►CUREJJY VSXSQ THE GEN UEíB Dr.C.McLANE'BHH ' - - CELEBRATED ■HLIVER PILL8! rEEPARED 02O.T BT FLEMING BROS., Pittsburgh, Pa jyjymiro of CousTEUZUS mado Ín St Louií.-f CARTER'SI BlTTLE CURE Bick Headache and rellovo all tho tronblea Incident to a bilious state of tho system. Buch as Dizzinoss, Nausea, Drowslnesa. Distress after eating. Paiü iu tbo SiJe, 4o. Whtlo thcir most remarkable success haa boen Bhowu in curing SICK Ileadache, yot Cartor'n Uttle Llyer PIllB ar cqually valuablo in Conetipation. curing and prevcnting tbisannojinKCOiaplaint,wblln thsy also correct all disordera of th08tomaoh,atimulate the liver and rogulato the bowelft. Even lf they only HEAD Aehe they would bo almost prloelosa to thoso who auffor f rom thladistrcssing coiuplaint; bt iortu■ natoly theirgoodueeadoca uotend horo,and thoso whoonootrythemwill flnd thesolittlopillsTaluBble in so many ways that they will not bo willing to do without them. Bat af ter ollslck haad ACHE Is the bane of so many lWes that hare la whera we mako our grcat boaat. Our pilla cure it while othors do not. Cartor"8 Little Llver Pilla are Tery small and vory easy to tako. One or two pilla mako a dose. Thoy are etriotly vegetable and do not gripe or purgo, but by thoir gontlo action pleaso all who use them. In vialsat25conts; flvefor$l. Sold by druggista everywhero, or sont by mail. CARTER MEDICINE CO., New York. SMALL PILL. SMALL DOSE. SMALL PRICE WHAT SCOTT'S B EMULSIÓN cSucSS1TIS CURES Casting Siseases Wonderful Flesh Producer. Many have gained one pound per day by its use. Scott's Emulsión is not a secret remedy. It containa the stimulating properties of the Hypophosphitea and pure Norwegian Cod Láver Oil, the potency of both being largely increased. It is used by Physicians all over the world. PALATABLE AS MILK. Sold by all Druggists. 8COTT &. BOWNE, Chomlsts. N.Y. To care Biliousness, Sick Ileadache, Constipation, Malaria, Liver Complaints, take the safe and certaln remedy, SMITH'S BILE BEANS ITse the JIA1L Size (40 little Beans to the Ijultlr). TIIEY ARE TUK MOST CONVENIENT. Suitablo 11 Age. Price f eitticr hízc, 'lie. per Bolde. I WIBKat'-i"'U panel size. 1% I W V 1 11 U Mui lr] for 4 ru. (eopperi or lUipD. J.F.SMITH&C0.Makersof"BILEBEAN3,"ST.l0UIS MO. Mortgage Sale. DEFACLT I1AVING BEEN MADE IN THE contlitions of a ccrtaln mortgage executed by (Jhanccy W. Riggs to Kowana Kiggs, dated the 9tb day of February, A. D. 18SU, and recorded in the ofllce of the Register of Deed for the County of Washtenaw and State of Michigan, on the 8th day of Oclober, 1880, in Liber 53 ofMortgages on page 652, and which said mortgage was duly asslgued by deed oí agsignment, bv the said Rowana RigK, mortgagee, to Jlara II. lïiggs, jn the 18th day of April, 18a5, which sald asxlgnment of said mortuaye is recorded in the ofllce of the Register of Deeds ia gaid County of Washtenaw, and State of Michigan in Libcr 8 of AHvlgnment of Mortgageo, on pago 472, by which aid default the power of sale contained in said mortcage has become operativa and nofiilt or ]rocec1ini;H, ín law or eqnity, having been lnetitutcd to recover the debt secnred by said mortgage, or any part thereof, ai:d the cum of S275.00, at the date of this notico, beinr claimed to be due on said mortgage, nottce ia therefore hercby given that said mortgage will be foreclosed, by a sale of the mortgaged premises therein described, or eome part thereof, and that the premist are described in said mortgage as follows, to-wit: All that certatn piece or parcel of land situated in the Tottnchlp of Sylvan In the County of Washtenaw and State of Michigan, and described as follows, to-wit: The south eaet quarter (U) of the Houth-east qaarter of sectlon thirty-one fn townshipnuraber two south in range three cat, at public venduo on tbo HHh day of May, 1890, at uoon of said day, at. the north front door of the Court Iloaxe in tbe City of Ann Arbor, In sald County; That being the place of bolding the Circuit Conrt in sala C'ouuiy. Dated Feb. 14th, 189rl. CLARA H. RIGGS. A. J. SiwTEB, Atseignee for the Mortgagec, Att'y for Assignec. Rowana Riggs. Real Estáte For Sale. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, countyol Wa8htenaw,8B. In the Matter of the eetate of David W. Noyes, deceased. Notlce iwhereby gtven, that In pursuance of an order emnicil to the underviuncd Executor of the last W111 and Testament of eald deceased. by the Hon. Judge of Probate for the Oounty of Washtenaw, on the eleventh day of Marcb, A. D. 1890, there wiil be sold at Public Vendue, to the highest bidder, at the welling house on the premisee below üetfcribed, In the townehip of Ann Arbor, in the County of Washtenaw, in said State, on Tuesday, the twenty-ninth (29) day of April, A. D. 1890, at ten o'clock ín the forenoon of that day subject to all encumbrances by mortgage or otherwiae exiBting at the time of the death of sald deceaeed) tbe following describen. Kcal lístate, to-wit: Lote Nnmber Heventeen and EiL'hteen. according to the plat of the subdivisión, of the Kunt (uartcr of Section Ninetec-n. Town Two (2), South Itange Six (6), Kast (Ann Arbor) in the State of Michigan, as recorded in the Register office of Washtenaw County, in Liber M.of Decds, on pago 271, containine four and sixty-four kandredths acres, more or lees. MICIIAEL J. NOYES, March llth, 1890. Execntor. C. H. MILLEN, INSURANCE AGENT! To. 1 South Main SU, Ann Arbor. The oldest agenoy In the city. Establlshed over a quarter of a century ago. Representlog the fotlowlng flrst-clas companies, with over $60,000,000 Capital and Assets. HOME INS. CO., of New York. CONTINENTAL.INS. CO., oí New York. NIÁGARA IN8. CO., of New York. OIRARD INS. CO., of Phlladelphla. ORIËNT INS. CO., of Hartford. COMMERCIAL UNION, of London. LIVERPOOL, LONDON and GLOBE. WASHINGTON. FIRE and MARINE, of Boston. Rales Low as the Lowest, Losses Liberally Adjnsted and promptlf Pald. 0. H. MILLEN. I FOR GRAIN RAISERS. I Can they make money at present prices ? YES! HOW? By keeping the soil rich By cultivating it well, By using the best seed, THEN Have their Grain and Seeds Threshed, Saved and Cleaned BY THE NICHOLS & SHEPARD pÜTIBRATOR It will handle Grain and Seeds FASTER BETTER and CLEANER, than any other Thresher. It will save cnough extra grain {which olhcr machines will waste) to pay all threshing expenses, and often three to five times that amount. It will Clean the Grain and Seed so much better that yon can get an extra price for it. It will do your work so much QUICKER, so much CLEANER, and so free from WASTE, that you will save money. SuchThreshing Machinery is made only by


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