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On the 7th rrsolutiulis ven pn'sontcd in tho Senate Bgsintt the pending bilí for a census enumeraUon of the Chinese. A memorial was presented for the ulmissiou of New Mexico lis a State, and the Montana election case was discussed....In the House a motion to suspend the rules and pass the dupeniknt pension bill was defeated by a vote of 109 to 87- not the necessary two-thirds vote in the aftlrmativo. The army appropriation bill (J20.8(M,3'iil) was considered, and the legislativo appropriation bill ($ül,000,000) was reponed. The Montana election cases wem further discussed in the Sonate on the 8th. The anti trust bill reported as a substituto for Mr. Sherman's measure was passed - yens, 52; nays 1 - In the House the bill to prevent the enlistment of aliens in the naval service was passed. The bilis to retire Major General Stoneman with the rank of Colonel and for a bridge over tho Misgouri river near Sioux City, Ia., were favorably reported. IN the Senate on the 9th most of the timo was spent in discussing the Montana election case and tbe Chinese enumeratlon bill. No action was taken on either matter. Tho House bill appropriating $V5,000 to supply the deiiclency occasioned by the defalcation in the office of the late Sergeant-at-Arms of the House was passed In the House the naval appropriation bill was considered and the bill for a public building at Galesburg, 111., was reported favorably. Thk bill to revive the grade of LieutenantGeneral in the army was reported in the Senato on the lOth. and the Montana contested election case was further discussed. Mr. Cullom introduced a bill to prevent Mormons in Utah from volinff or holding any politionl olllce In the House bilis were introduced to incorpórate the Society of the Sons of the American Kevolution, and to reclassify railway mail clerks lnto soven classes, wlth salaries ranglng from 1800 to I1.H00. The naval appropriation bill was further discussed. Thi Montana election case was furthor discusscd in the Senate on the llth. The House btll for the world's fair at Chicago was reported. In the House the contested election case of Waddill vs. Wtse, from the Third district of Virginia was discussed, and the Torrey bankrupt bill, which provides for a uniform system of bankrupt laws for the United States, was favorably reported DOMESTIC. Accordiso to custom the children of Washington to the numbor of ton thousand gathored at tho Whito House grounds on the "th to indulge in the Easter pastime of "egg-rolling." Tho Marine Band played and President Harrison and family witnessod the sport. The steam-barge Sachem. from Cleveland, arrived at St. Ignace, Mich., on the 7th via tho north passage. She was the first boatto get thruugh tho straits this season. The two young daughters of Robert Londerbeck, of Hrookville, N. J., while trying to cross a railroad tresde bridge on the 8th feil through and were drowned. At Medford, Wis., on the Sth Willard Williams, known as "Crazy Kelly," shot and killed Miss Maggie Pritchard, niece of the wife of Judge Clinton Tcxton, and then fatally shot himself. lif Illinois on tbe 8th a wind-storm wrecked housea and out-buildings at Roberts, Anchor, La Harpo and Highland Park, in the lattoc place the Catholio churoh boing dostroyed. James M. Shki,i.i:xiíi:i(;ki:, of Boylestown. Pa., was on the 8th said to be short $30,000 in his accounts with various estates of whioh he had charge. He had fled. The monthly erop report of Michigan for April places the average condition of wheat in the Southern four tiers of countics at 70, central at 05 and northern at 86 per cent, boing tho lowest ever recordad in the hiatory of the department. Fhed Heukubst, oastaier of the First National Bank at Minot. N. l)., disappeared on tho 8th with about $5,000 of the bank's f unds. A wim)-.i'iii!m ln Michigan on the 8th wrecked houses and did othcr damago atCharlotte, Kalama.oo, Moiint Clemens and several othor places. At Mrs. Fred Eberlln was struck by lightning and killed. By a voto of 86 to 9 on the 8th the Iowa Hotisu paased tho Australian ballot bill. lx Indiana on the sth preat damago was done by a wind-storm at Lafayette, Wabash and other towns, and at Fort Wayne Miss Ida Miller, agcd ao yoars, was instantly killed by lightning. Tue Manhattan Bank of Manhattan, Kan., closcd its doors on the 8th. Liabilities, 8501.000. Is Colorado on the 8th a wind-storm destroyed many housos at Denver and Julesburg. A fike on the 8th at Texington, Ky., destroyed eleven cottages near the race-course. A stokm of wind on the 8th at Norwalk, O., caused great destruction to buildings, and Miss Dora Palmer, aged 19 years, was killed by falling timbers. At Collins ftftoen buildings wore wrecked and several persons hurt. Fredekic Kimbai.i, teller of tho People's Savings Hank of Worcester, Mass., was on the 8th found to be S50,000 short In his accounts. He was in Canada. The Texas standard cotton-seed oil mili and reftnery at Galveston was burned on the 8th. Loss, 8200,000. Tuk twenty-ftftb annlveraary of tho gurrender ol General U%e to General Grant at Appomattoz ra oelebrated on tho 9tli in Brooklyn, N. V.. by a reception m Generala Sherman, Howard and Slooum. DuuiMi a storm on the '.HU at I'ino Villago, tnd., lightning Btruok -John Eberley and tore out both oí lus eyes. At Boanoke, Va., a cyolone nu theOth wreckcd nearly LOO dwelllnga and tour men were killed. In Riohmond Beveral houses were destroyed and a number ui persons badly Injured. A STORM ol' sand on the 9th in Colorado did great damage in Beveral towns and all railuav trafile was Btopped. In a fit of jealousy on the üth at Cairo, 111., Allen Thomas (colored) shot and killed liis wife and tben killed himself. A cyci.onk swept over Bummlt County, O., on theüth, enttinjj a path twelve miles long and a quarterof a mile wide. Tho devastcd district was in Sharon, Copley, Akron and Springfield townships. Housea were wrecked and four persons wero killed and several othors injurcd. Fouit persons yere executed in Pennsylvania on the IHli: William 11. 15artholomew at Easton, Alfred James Androws at liellefonto, Charles Carter (colored) at Ebcnsburg, and Zacli Taylor at Waynesburg. Tur. business portitm of Pearsall, Tex., was burned on the 'Jth. The Conemaugb (Pa.) valley was under water on tho Oth, and the towns of Villnolo and Woodvalo wore Itooded. The lower part of Johnstown was also ovorflowed. In Western Pennsylvania high water and wind had dono great damago. A fihf. on the 9th at Decatur, Ala., destroyed most of the shops of tho L'nited States Rolling-Stock C'ompany, causing a loss in excess of -Sl()0,üüü. A bii.i. providing for the execution of condemned crimináis by electrieity was defeated in the lowa Senato on the 9th. Geokge B. (ii;iiKs, a prominent Des Moines (la.) grocer, was fatally shot on the 9th by James Quan, a bnrglar. NnfB buildings at Linesville, Pa., including the Herald office, wero burned by an inoemliarv ñre on the 9th. Geot.k A. Field (colored) was hanged on the 9th at Scranton, Miss., for tho mtirder of Jennie Mosley. Silvki: in large quantities was discovered on the Oth near Mltohell, S. D. Miss CAMPBEIX, the only daughter of O. H. Campbell, of the Continental Hotel at Crestlino, O., eloped on the 9th with a negro and married him at Cleveland. The new steamship Majestic which arrived in New York on tho lOth made her first trip from Liverpool, via Queenstown, in 6 days, 10 hours, 30 minutes - the quickest malden passage on record. A boy 10 years old named Hockardt, living near Geneaeo, 111., quarreled with his little sister on the lOth and struck hor on the back of the neck, killing her almost instan tly. The Steele oourt-martial finding was made public by the War Department at Washington on the lOth. The Lieutenant is found guilty of conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman in striking Private Wild, and sentenced to be reprimanded and confined within tho limit.s of his post for three months. Emma Stakk, ander arrest for poisoning the Newland family in Chicago, admitted on the lOth tliai. she put poison in tho food "just to soe how strong it was." Isaac WniTB, an old veteran living near Leavonworth, Ind., was brutally beaten by white capa on the lOth for no known cause. Fi.amks on the lOth at Ilolvington, Ky.. dostroycd geventeen buildings and a largo tobáceo Cactory. Tin: United States ooast survoy steamer Pattei'son sailcd froni San Francisco on tho lüth for a seven months' cruise in nortbern se:is. Uorri.iKii Densos, an Ornaba eoaehman, blew out his brains on the lOth beoause the oook refused to inarry hint. A new counterfeit $10 bilí on the Oermania National limite if Mw örTéans was Incirculatlon in Chicago on the lüth. Tuk Arkansas City (Ark) stroet-car stables were destroyed by fire on the lOth, and twenty-tliree horses and iour cars were bumed. Of tho 3,081 immigrante landed at Castle Garden, New York, on tho lüth 1,030 were Italians. They starled in gangs for l'ittsburgh and Chicago. Tuk equipmont shops of the lirooklyn City Railroad Company wero bumed on the lOth. Loss. SJÜO.OÜÜ. Thbouohoot Kansas Arbor day was observed on the lOth. Two highwa"ï robbers capturod in Jackson County, V■. Va., on the lOth provcd to be women. Duisi.vr. an electrical stcu-ni on the lOth at Paterson, N. ■)., a large mass of ashes and potato bugs ft'll from the clouds. Mucii excitem 'iit but little damage was causcd in Burlington, Ia., on the llth by the hurling of a bomb by an unknown person apon the pavement near the National Bank building. letter boxea at Dayton, O.. wero broken open early on tho morningf of the llth and their contents scattered about the Btreeta. ThBBB were ÜU'J business iailures in the Unitod States during tho seven days ended on the llth, against 200 the previous seven days. The total of failures in the Unitod States front January 1 to dato is 3,005, agalnst 3,87:5 in 1S89. Fobest lires were raging on tho llth in the Missouri river bottoms üve miles below Liberty, Mo.


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