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S.iri:i. .1. Kamiai.i., momber oí Congress (rom the Tiiird l'ennsylvania district, ili'.vi at tiis home in Washington at 5 o'clock on the morning of tho 13th, aged 03 yearg. Mr. Randall had beon a mötnber of the House of Representativcs twenty-six yeára, being first elected In 1868. Ho leaves a wife, two danghtors and a son. Ti ik city of New hondón, Wis., was flooded on the ISth by a sudden riso in the Fox rlver. l. a court-room at Rrunswick. Oa., on tlie 13th William Belden shot and killed Chief-of-Police Hoi.ston and Offloer Masae.y and then killed himself. Tnii livci'y stablo of t'rilly & Cranston at Lsavenworth, Kan., was burned on tho l'Jth, and thirty-seven horses perishpd in tho flames. The stearaer Handy Boy ran into a railway bridge on the 13th at East Saginaw, Mich., and the upper cabin was swcpt off, Beven persons being drownod. Tuk British schooner Ethel was wrecked Lupo Cañaveral, Fia., on the lSth, and the crow of five persons were dïowned. Ik MeLuan and Warren counties, 111., great damarc was done on the 13th by a terriflc wind and hail-storm. A.DVTCB8 of the l'ith say that elections in Rhode Island give the Demoorats a majority of geven in the incoming Leglslatare, whicH tnsúrefl the eloction of tne Democratie State ticket. Mf.ssenoeus at Umdiirman declared on tho I2th tbatfhe Mahdi had vanished and that fatíilne was raging throughout the Soudan. Aiivk i;s of the l'Jth say that 179 persons lost their livcs by the recent wrecking of the stoamer üuetta off Thunder Island in Australia. A i.kvkk in the town of Hoint Coupes, La., broke on l.ln: 1-ith, ftooding that place to the dcpib of two feet. Wuii.k reroovibg pillara in mine No. 10 near Coxville, Ind., on tho lath William Sanders, a mlñer, was killed and two others woro fatally hnrt. lin.i.s were passed in the United States Senate on the lStb to increase pensions for oertain cases of deafness to 840 a niontli; piving South Dakota, North Dakota, Washington and Montana 5 per cont. on the sale of public lands; transferring the weatber bureau to tho Agricultura! Department and reorganizing the slgnal service. In the House the contested electtoh case f rom the Third district of Virginia was decided by the soatinir of Edmund Waddill, .Ir. (Rop.), in place of George D. Wise.


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