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áT Dr.Talmage says: k LHkÉ bL To innumerable readers of THE LADIES' Lí 5v ttMlfisEÜ'HÍ Í&O HOME JOURNAL, I send grceting. There are %' %3a K?'W Y?V many things to be said and said right away. L- S %Êb tn tne utmost freedom I shall say them. f ÊKmÉé' 0 P'ease to gather under the light of my evening y wtei S lamp, and let us look over all the mattera per Ejír' f taining to your prosperity and happinesa. # all. J. T. DeWITT TALMAGE. 5í X hIC k Word-picturcs of striking beauty jtnHkS as drawn by the famous Preacher f % iSPV in his new d--partment- (f Syjy "Under MyStudy Lamp"- fe '' In the APRIL L S fadieg Home I I i . ... ■ ", ..'.,:..,, ,1 j Topics discussed by the great Preacher in this issue are: WISE WORDS TO MOTHERS. t THE CHILD OF A MODERN ROCKER. L A THE CRADLE OF MY BOYHOOD. L; MOTHER'S FACE AT THE CRADLE. EGGS of OUR WORLDLY SUCCESS or FAILURE. 1 Felicia Holt contributes a good article entitled "CONFIDENTIAL WITH FATHERS." f For Girls of fair complexion, brunettes and blondes, a A striking article by Ruth Ashmore, describing the most A# s, beccming and inexpensive Spring Suits and Gowns. J V On the News Stands io cents a copy. 7" ? The Ladies' Home Journal is the handsomest periodical y in the world for ladies and the family. It has a circulation 'yv1 of nearly half a million copies among the best people. j 9"As an experiment, and to introduce the Journal into f your family, it s offered on trial from now to July ist, T A 1890, on receipt of only 25 ets. Sflver or Stamps. , Philadelphia, Pa.


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