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What A New York Town Is Doing

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The town of Sweden, Monroe county, N. Y., owns a stone crusher and men by the day to run it. Last spring the town appropriated $2,000 to crash stone, and, to make a rougli guess, I tliink the 2,000 cru3hed stone enough to make about iive miles of perfect road. They set the crusher near stone, wliich is dcnated; the town pays for hauling stone to the crusher, and pays for crushing it; the road riistricts go and get the crushed stone and lay it. Each road district and individual is greedy to get the stone, and I tliink that money thus expended goes ten times as far as any othei in making highways. In the last three years the town of Sweden has made about twenty miles of road, so good that a team can baúl as large a load in the open, muddy winter as in summer. The land is clay, and the roads not laid witli stone or gravel are simply fearful. It would pay a person to go a long distance to see what has been done to the roads in the town of Sweden. When the roads are all made with crushed stone and the fences removed from the bleak places where the snow drifts, tlie millenniuiu will not be far away,


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