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Pinckney has a young lady kleptomaniac. Tlie M. E. church, oL Duudee, 13 being enlarged. J. M. Logan has gone out of the hotel business at Brigliton. Ypsllanti is squinting toward a new governuient building. Peter Campion and family have moved from Milán to Toledo. John G. Schmidl, of Chelsea, has received au lacrease of pension. Lack of ice will cause the Mooreville Creamery to remain idle this summer. R. Kenipf & Bro's. new bank building at Chelsea is being rapidly coinpleted. The young people of the Saline M. E. ohurch are to give a flower festival soon. Tho Ladies Aid Society, of Plttsfleld vvill meet to-morrow witli Mrs. H. D. Plalt. Clarence Crippen, of Salem, has sold his farm to his brother, Prof. Crippen, of California. City Attorney Moriarty of Ypsilantl, bas closed up two saloons doing business without a license. At Manchester the masonic fraternity will decórate the grave3 of deceased brothers as usual. Rev. Thos. Holmes, of Chelsea, wiü preach for the North Leoni Congregationalists the coming year. The Salem Congregntionalists have planted a number of new trees this spring and graded their grounds. Mrs. F. VanVlect, a sister of Qeorge H. Mitchell, of Lima, d:eJ on S;iturday, April 19th, at her home in Chicago, of pneumonía. A Howell dog Ml In an old well and remained there for seven days. Wlien discovered he was a liitlu dlsfuoired but still in the ring. The Ladies' Aid Society of the Chelsea M. E. church announees annunl flower festival May 1, 2 and 3. Great attractions are advertised. If the Leader tells truthlul cblcken stories, and there is nol a more truthful paper in the state, Milán has an adult hen with a wooden leg. Fishermen arespearinglish In the lakes and sireams abont the county in direct violation of the law. A prosecution or two would remedy the matter. The Congjegationl ladies of Ypsilanti give a cobweb social Friday evening at Mrs. Alnswortu's. " Willyou walk into my parlor said the spider to the Ily.1' Saturday, April 26, was the 71st anniversary of the esUblishinent of Odd Fellowshlp in this country, and it was duly observed by many lodges in this county. J. D. Schnaitman, of Chelsea publishes the statement thathe wlll prosecute without fvtn ui I iivor nny pei'&on sdllug to. bacco to his boys in disrcg-ird of the l;tw. They must have electric proof people over al Pinckney. Lightuin;; struck the bed on wliicli a couplrf were sleepiug and set the bed clothes on lire hut didn't hurt tlie sleepers any. They were probably so handsome ttiat lightning was ashamed to touch them. Mrs. Ruth Young, residing four miles west of Chelsea, broke her left leg Sunday afterooon at the hip. Mrs. Young is 92 years of age, living on the farm taken up l'v her husband from the government many yeiirs ago, the same never having Iikii moitgaged or transferred. - Chelsea H.Talri. Gieat mprovementshave been and are beh'K at the M. C. station at Ypsilanti, both in the interior and exterior arrangement s. Tliecitlzens of that city ippear to be much pleased with tlie resnlts so far. It secms as If the R R. Co. migbt have afforded an iron fence in plce of the wooden pickets. Tlie ladies of the Brooklyn Episcopal fhurch are raising funils for a pipe organ and a few days ago received a check for $50 from a Colorado man who had been m.irried in the chuich many years before. He evlilently feels that marriage was not a failure. That may have been the only happy moment of his life, however. 'I lie Mayor makes a recommendation to the Couiicil, as appears In proceedings in nnotlier column, which the citizens will approve, for efibrt to apprehend the gang of thieves and burglarg which is probably harbored in the city. We can afford to pay for having the gang broken up, and cannot aflbrd to fail In that. - Ypsilantian. A good story ie told on a cleik in one of our stores. A gentleman from the country brought two slttings of high priced eggs, worth $4 00 to thu store the other day and lcft them for a tra veling man who was to cali for them, but before the t. in. callad for them, one of the clerks sold them to a customer at the price of oruinary eg ga, 12 or 13 cents a dozen. - Plymouth Mail. D. V. Palmer says, "David "Woodward brought from his fruit farm, for me to sample, forae Niágara and Agawam erapes which he hud kept by a process known to himself, and I found the delicacy of taste and the aroma as sprightly and tempting to the epicure as they were at harve8t time; and I see 110 reason why we may not, by iraproved metbods, en.ioy ttie luscious grape the entire year." - Enterprise. A man drove Into town yesterday afternoon, hitched his horse 111 front of the doctor's office and after looking around to see if anyhody was looking, iaised up the lap robe, when out jumped a large w'nite cat from under the buggy seat. o sooner tlie cat reached the ground tliiin a dog caught slght of it and chased it up a tree. Country people must think we are short on for cats, but we are not. - Manchester Enterprise. Mis. John R. Moore died at the residence of Win. Pottinger, in Clielsea, last Sunday mornlir, from Injuries received in the recent runaway, aged about 55 yenrs. She leaves a husband and three children to ranura her loss. Funeral service was held Tuesday at the house, and was attended by a large number of relatives and Iriendt. Mr. Moore and children have the sympathy of tlie entire community. - Chelsea Herald. The driest woniau in M'nroe county Uves In this vil'age, and her name is Mrs. Siismiah Cecil. Slie will he 99 years old on the third day of next August Her muiden name wasChambers, and shewua married to John Edward Cecil on the 22nd day of June, 1814, in Christ Church In the city of London, by Saín. Crowther pastor. The marnage certificóte, which we have before us, is quite a curiosity in this age of elegant and artistic printing and engraving. Mr. Cecil, who dicd about four years ago, had been a British sailor, and asslsted iu rigglng the vessel that was to carry Napoleon Bonaparte to the Islund St.


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