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Real Estate Transfers

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Herman Hutzel lo A. A. B., T. & S. P. _'., A mi Arbor $ 1 Fred'k Kapp to Sellick Wood, Plttsfleld 1,000 T. J. Keech to Q. & F. Maulbetch, Aun Arbor 1,000 W.T. Wright to Lois K. Wright, Ann Arbor 1 Chas. II. Manly to John Ooetz, Sr., Aun Arbor 2,000 W. J. Johnson toCunnlnghain & Currey, Ypsllantl 100 Louis H. Milk-r to George Bovce, Augusta 40 Mary R. Cross to Hlram Brown, Ypsilan├╝ 300 Clareuce Crippen to Kufus Crippen, Salem 3,100 Jas. H. Brown by Ex. to Brooks, Wilder & Brown, Ann Arbor 5G0 Mlchael Layer by guard. to Jacob Layer, Saline 950 Jacob Layer to John F. Graf, Saline. ... 950 Peter Dignan to K. A. Calkins, Aun Arbor 700 Wm. O. Blrd to H. and II. Cornell, Ann Arbor 2,100 F. C. Loomls et al. to Herman Hutzel, Ann Arbor 1,500 H. Hutzel to C. Fisher, et al, Ann Arbor 800 Lucy D. Howe to Mary E. Ketleton, Dexter 300 R. W. Trussel to Chas. Schraldt, York.. 1,200 Conrad & Thurman to R. II. Lowrey, Ypsllantl 40 S. M. Pattlson to Cremer, Ypsllanti 1,200 J. Staab etal. to A. B. Van Fossen, Ypsllantl 925 Calvin Thomas to Alumni IJ. of M., Auu Arbor 1 Qeo. C. De Mash to Jas. De Mosh, Ypsilantl 400 Babcock fc Eldredge to G. and C. DeMosh, Ypsilanti 1,066.07 Babcock M. B. by guard. to G. and C. DeMosh, Ypsilanll 533.33 Orville F. Webster to J. E. Cheever, Ann Arbor !,1UO Henry Richards to Henry Wagnor, NorlhUcld 1,00) N. W. Clioover to Ii. J. M. Ford, Ann Arbor 1,200 .1. II. and M. K. Hall to E. E. Couslns, Ann Arbor 850 Fred'k Kalmbach to Chas, Kalmbach, Auu Arbor 5.0C0 T, Wllklnson by sheriff to J. E. Beal, Nylvau Wllson fc Warner to H, M. Burt, Mllan,. MO Sarah G. Jones to David Rlnsey, Ann Arbor 1,100 Jacob Haller to Seybolt fc AllmeuUlnger, Ann Arbor 25 Slrin & Helnrlch to Seybolt & Allmendinger, Ann Arbor 200 J. T. Jacobs to Phllllp Kim, Pittsfield. .. 800 Harrlet C. Crawford to David Rlnsey, Ann Arbor S.600 Erastus Wltherbec to A. F. Kempfert, Ann Arbor 15 Henry J. Mlller to Altert M. Clark, Pittsfleld 1 Albert M. Clark to E. M. Johnson et al., Pittsfleld 8,875 Wm. P. Groves to O. C. Johnson, Ann Arbor 1,100 Henry C. Apfel to Lewi.s Kurlz, Ann Arbor 235 J. N. Wallace et al. to R. A. Whitcomb, Ypsllanti 100 James miiu to Smlth & Hughes, BOlo S50 w. s. Davidson et al. to f. l. & o. s. Duvl├╝sun, Sylvan 1 O. S. Davidson et al. to W. S. Davldsou, Sylvmi 1 Uelsey Ann Dntlou to Naucey Baat, Sylvan 1 Kancy Rust to John Knoll, Sylvan 700 Betbey Dutton to Nancy Rust, Sylvan.. . 10 Lortecla Bailey by helrs to Fred A. Kotts, Manchester 800 Gldeon Bolinger to Reubeu Kempf, Sylvan 300 Eugenle Mogk et al., by guard., to McLellan H. Mogk, Ann Arbor 112.50 McLellan H. Mogk to John Goetz, Jr., Aun Arbor 1 Sussan C. Campbell to George Wahr, Auu Arbor 4.IW0 George Mogk by heirs to John Goetz, Sr., Ann Arbor 1,000 John C. Hubner to Chas. H. Kllne, Ann Arbor 1.80D Chas. H. Kllne to Anna Hubner, Ann Arbor 1,800 Thos. Seeley to II. M. Frost, Auu Arbor 600 Ij. Dressel house by adm'r to L. Dresselhouse, Freedoin 7,200 Ed. A.Gottto G. & M. Johnson, Ann Arbor 2)0