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Peak's Soap secures a beautlfiil complexIon. Very good advice bein? given fannen just duw is to cultívate the orchard and prime and takc good care of the trees. Wonders Are wrought by the use oí Ayer's Ilair Vigor in restoring gray hair to its original color, promoting a new growth, preventIng the hair fnmi talling, keeping it soft, silky, and abundant, and the scalp cool, healtliy, and iree trom dandruff or lmniors. Tlie universal testiinoiiy is tliat this preparation has no equal as a dressing, and is, tlierefore, indispensable to evtry welltuniabed toilet. "I have used Ayer's Ilair Vigor for some time and it has worked wonders íor me. I was troubled with dandrafi and was rapklly becoming bald; but sinceusing the Vigor iny liead is perleetly elear of dnndruff. the liair has ceased coming out, and I now liave a good growth, of the same color as wlsen I was a youug woman. I can bearttly recommend any ono suffering trom dandruS or loss of hair to use Ayer's Hair Vigor as a dressing." - Mrs. l.ydia O. Moody, East Pittston, Me. "Some time ago my wife's hair began to come out quite íreely. Ayer's Hair Vigor not only prevented my wlfe from beeoming bald, but it also caused au entirely new growth ofliair. I am ready tocertify to th3 statement beforo a justice if the peace."- 11. BolMbus, Lewlaburgh, Iowa. "Some years ago, after a severa attack of brain fever, my liair ;ill came out l used such preparatiuns for restoring i'. as niy pliysicians ordered, but failed to produce a growth of liair. I tlicn tricel, stlccesslvely, several artlcles recommended by drugglsts, and all ulike teil sliort of aceom]ilishing the de.sired rcsult. The last remedy I applled was Ayer's Hair Vigor, whieh brouplit a growth of hair in a few weeks. I tliink I used elght bottles in two years ; more than was necessary as a restoratlve, bol I liked t as a dressing, and have continued to use it fnr tliat puipose. I belleve Ayer's Hair Vigor possesses virtues far above those of any similar ]rcparation now on the market." -Vincent Junes, Bicbmond, Ind. Ayer's Hair Vigor PREI-AItED BY OR. J. C. AYER & CO., Lowell, Mass. Sold by Drugglita and Perfumera.


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