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The visible supply of wheat s 24,5i.V 272 bushels. A year ago at tliis date it wae 26,9S9,444 busliels. The present tendency is somewhat towf r Is lower prices, but Clews believes in eventual higher prices. As an offshoot of the Mardi Gras festival at New Orleans a similar carnival is to bc established at Ogden, Utah, from July lst to 5th. It will be with military tournaments, balls, receptions, and street pageants, suuh as the nierchants of New Orleans have usually given. The first time Mr. Cleveland rari (for governor of New York,) he was elected by 192,000 majority; the second time he ran (was for president) he had only 1,100 plurality; the second time he ran for president he was defeated in the state by over 11,000! The course of Mr. Cleveland seems to be downwards. The New York Sun's referenee to the increaeing weight of Grover Cleveland reminds one of the darkie's description of his massa, who suddenly left town when he saw the "Linkun gun boats down de ribben" Say. darkies, hab you seen de massa Vid de mustachi: on hls face, Oo long de road somt; time dis mornln, Like iie gwine to leab de place? He's Rlx foot one way two foot 'totlier And he welghs three hundred pound, Hle coat so big he can't pay de tallor, And It don't come half way round. Good legislation on the silver question is coming in congress wliereby the circulation of money will become more ncarly in proportion to our rapldly increasing population. We have about $22 per capita while France bas $40. Complaiiits have arisen in the west of a scarcity of money, and tliere is but little doubt tJiat an expansión of the curreney ivould be stimulative of trade, increasing commercial activity. As there is no surplus silver in the world, when we use wliat we produce it will raise the price neaier to that of gold and enable tuis country to control the price ratlier than London.


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