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LADIES ! THE ONI.Y I f lic World tliat ïvill not fado, erooki stein tlie fcct, or turn green are SMITH&ANGtLL'S L I m - ?íí 3 ff L ■ d s B -l E. S? 3 ■- ■o o fy g b 3 ■ 5 Ss f ie l M il ê I y Eyery xv y firm sdling nv s hosiery hearing our n. f L Trade Mark itfili " S 3-tTA.IiAJMT32I3. 5 5 N I =3 K r-w _ 't I N. " SATISFACTION ' g, Nx or viotiey refunded. s At wholestde otiïy. jr N. Siftilh 4 AngtU, S Ve show the Iargcst Stock or fiST : BLACK : HOSIERY IN -3ST3Sr- -ARBOE Ilavlng1 soltl Iliis brand of StockiiiLs iiow for one year, and . ua lliorouglily tested tlie a-nods, we conildently recommcml thein to onr customers as an art iele of (jreat Merit. We can say we Beter liad one pair relnrned. Sole Agents for Ann Arbor. Schairer & Millen. hütítoter A very important invenliun which will be hailed with delight by everybody using a stove or range for hot water circulation. After years of experience we have succeeded in pro ducing a simple and perfect WATER BACK. It overcomes all the present troubles of extracting lime and other sediments which accumulate in water backs, often making them useless and in great many instances becoms ing dangerous. The outlay of dollars is reduced to dimes. No household using a range can afford to be without it. No more trouble by using city water for hot water circulation. Can be used in any stove. Ask your stove dealer for Hutzel's Water Rack. Mason & Davis Co's. ranges for sale at C. Eberbach are provided with our improvement., Everybody cali and examine this useful invention. HUTZEL & CO., Plumbers anti SteamfUUrs. A 3 IS AEBOR, - - MICII J. J. GOODYEAR No. 5 8. MAIN Kt. ■ - DRÜGGIST ir wlll be to your advaiítac to cali opon liiiii before purciiasiug (DRUGS, CHEMICALS, MEQICUÍES. PRESCRIPT10NSI accurately and carefully prepared by the most competent I'liarmuclsts. The fluot line of good M all departirn t s, to be t 'oiiml in a drug otore. Vaalle Estáte! FOB, SALE. Tlie followl ng propcrty belonglng to Lyman 1 . James: The Franklin House. The "Monitor" property. Six Lots on the coruer of FotirMi and Liberty sts. House and Lot on Liberty st. APPLY TO EU GENE E. BE AL, AGKNT. ICE. ICE. ICE. Keep cool during the coming summer by contracting with E. 1 '. ff. for ice at the following rates:. 25 Ibs, daily, except Sunday, $4.00 per mo. " " 4 times a week, $3.50 " " " 3 " " $3.50 " ii o 2 " " $2.00 " E. V. HANGSTERFER 3O s. ayc-A-irrsr st. To Restaurants, Hotels, etc,, in 500 Ib. lots, 40c per liundrcd. Less guantity, 50c. lOIöliElBl Tlieonly WII-KKS In Ann Arhor. By Ira W'ilkos (6916), Sire of .1 ud Wilkes (5 yrs.) :i heat 2:30, 2:2!4, 3:-V:, tliti oldest colt tralned Own broilier to Mlke Wilkes, 2:15?i, aud Adrián Wllkes. slre of Rox Wllkeï, i:l'%and Llliaii.'.'l'i. First dam by Hambletuulan Cieorge, 'JSüT, slre of Ed. Mack, 2.2054, etc. .Second dam by Gen. Tavlor, matinee 2:37 ia 1S8Í. Kon of Black Hawk 5; Tlilrddam by Blnck Llon. Fourth dam Caiiiiilhin. Black horse, foaled 1888, 16 hands. Stront: all uround and well tinisheil. Hal trottlne acllon. but prefers and is rapid at the pace and will be tralned at tliat gute afliT July Ist. Trottlngbrcd Pacers are now leadintt theyoung. Sires Sldney. 7 yrs. wltfa 5 In 2:30. Hermlt, 11 yrs. one lu 2:2T% Happy Rossell, 5 y ra., has one in 2:2iK% youocest slre known; and others can be named to show tliat the pnce 1 necexsary to produce fast trotters. Mand H„ 2:08?. Jay-EyeJiee, ■2:Wi, and Sunol, 2l0y„ are all natural pacers. Terms: Insure 25, due Keb. lst. lHai, or 810 down aud 815 when live sound colt Is foaled. Hls foals of lsS are troLlers and eveiy breeder should see thi-ni. DK. .1. A. ItEMi, Veterlnary Inflrinary, 24 W. llurun st.. Aun Arbor.


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