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Tuk world's fair bill was paafoü in the Scnate on the ülsi with an amendmentprnviüingfor n naval review at the harbor of New York, by a votoor 43 to ii. nn is were Introducid torcpeal all laws for the retirement of army and Navy offlceis trom activo Hervice with pay; to perpetúate the National banking system, and provuling for tïie depositing of funds of the United States In National banka instead of treasuries. ....In the House a bill was passed providlng that soldiers who lost their limbs during the late war shallbe cntitlcdto new artificial limbs every thrce years. The conference report on the bill to provide a temporary government for the Territory of Oklahoma was adopted. Senator Mjtciiell (Ore.) advocated in the Senate on the 'ïlti un amendment to tho constitution providing for the election of United States Senators by the dlxeot voto of the peopie. A bill was introilucedto prevent the adulteration and misbrandi:igof dnirs and for the prevention cf poisonous or injurlous adulterations In the Houso the Senate amnndments to the worlfl'a fair bill werS concurred in by a vote of :! oi. Tiic legislative appropriatlon öill was disoussod and tho consular and diplomatic approprlattoa BUI was reported. On the 33 '■ Wils wer paasod i" the Scnata to provide Territorial govommíni for O'.tlaboma: to créate a customs district In Arizona, and to give H4.869 lo South Dakota :nil ?i.ims to V;.-ii iti;::o': tnr roistitutional oonventloo ex . A.DÍU wai Introduccd to give to the l,i;jfton a s:v!ion of public land fora si 'M l!ome....I tli? Houee the timo I ■ biil. The Sanatfi bill uroxldlng for ar. In 'pnci Ion - ( meuts for exportal Ion and protatlon of adultorated articles s reported favorubly. BTlwj were reported [avoraWy in the Senate on i b ■ ■::: Ii fo ■ tho compulsoi'j edueation of Indlan chl dien ; to prevent desortlons trom the uritiy, and t ii pension appropriatlon tül, liüls were i irthe fice coinage of sllver u-ul to place ConY;rcs=1"nnl electionsunder Federal control upot] petltlon of 10.) votors In the House the il) to prohiblt the transportaIntoxicatlng liqjtors any State or Territory contrary to the law of such State or ' Territory was (avorab)y reported. The legislative approprlatloa bill was furthor conwldered, and a long disoussion for ind agolnst the uivillerrtoe iystera tdoii place. IN the Senato on the 2"th a joint resolntion appropriatiDg f irxi.u for the relief of sufferers by tho floods iu Louiaiana was passed. A bill was passed malclng Qladstone, Mich., a port of delivcry. jetltions were. presented for the freO oolnage of sllver, and the iiil authorizing the salo of oertain huuls roservéd for the use of the Mcnoniince [ndians in Wisconsin was favorably reported In the House a joint resolution appropriating 1100,000 for tho relief of the flood suffcrers in Liúuisiaua was passed. The Senate anti-trust bill was favorably reported. A bill was iutroduced to ostablish naval militia training-school shlpa at the principal seacoast and lake ports of the United States. At the evening sessiun thlrty private pension büls wcro po DOMESTIC. l!i:i.rc-in:XTnr.s havo so mutilated tho Lincoln monument at Springfield, 111., tliat it was decided on tho "lst to orect a largo iron foncc ai'oiind it. At Galusburg, 111., tho houso of O. L-. Arnold was enterod by burilara on the 21st and a pookotbook containing 82,200 was stolen. Tuis visiblo supply of whoat and corn in the United States on tho 21st was, rospectively, 24,513,272 and 17,855,500 bushels. The Klng & Hamilton Company'3 large wagon and farra implemont works at Ottawa, 111., valned at .?100,000, were burnod on tho 21st. The carpenters strike at Indianapolis came to an ond on the 22d, the men being allowod thirty cents an hour for eight-hours work. In Chicago tho strike was still on. At Bayou Sara, La., tho situation on tho 22d owing to tho breakingof levees was boyond description, and the suffering in Pointe Coupe was terrible, peoplo having torPsort to trees ior safety. A LA.WSTJIT oyer a jng of whisky at Falls City, Nob., which ended on tho 22d, cost Richardson County 8t00. A VOTJCHKR for $18,687.80 for pension and back pay, said to bo the largost sum givon for that purposo to any Indiana soldier, was sent on the 22d to William ISobley, of Linton, Greeno County. The truant oflicer at Tuscola, 111., was finod on the 22d for arresting a boy absent from school without leave. llis dofense was that the compulsory education law gave him that authority. Owino to the illness of Governor Goodell, of New Ilampshire, David A. Taggart, president of the State Senate, was on the 22d inaugurated to perform the Gubornatorial dutios - the first time in the history of the State, sinco 1784, that such a course had been adopted. lx Dallas County, Ark., on the 23d Kit Walsh killed Ilenry Owens and was bimself fatally wounded. They were farmers and had quarreled over land. 4n incondiary firo on the 22d at Point Pleasant, W. Va., destroyed nine dwelling houses, four business houses and a large amount of othor proporty. Soakixo rains, which would be of great benefit to the cropa, feil in the Dakotas and in Minnesota on the 22d. Thirty men were on tho 22d imprisoncd in the Rock Springs (Wy. T.) coal mino Ko. 4, wbich was on fire, and it was almost certain that all wero doad. - A fire in Noville & Co. 's toy warehouso at San Francisco on the 22d caused a loss of $100,000. Sbeer nonspuse is more bearable tban mere common sonse. An explosión occiiccacS at tho Ktna milis at Newoastle I'a., on tho, three men being killed and six badly injurod, two of whora woulil probably dio. A NEOHO arrestod for assaulüng a White womiiii noar Texarkana, Ark., was taken trom the guardón the '--!d ly a mob and riddlcd with bullets. Tuk Indloations on the 'ïï were that the floods in tho South would cause a total loss of Sf-J7, 000,000. Thbxb Chinamen were arrestad at Buffalo, X. ï., on the 2:d on the chargo of 8-muggllng opium. A TBBBiFiceyelone struoh Kyle, Tex., a town of 000 inhabitants, on tho 38d, and many buildings wore overturnod and soms oomplotoly deraolishod. No livcs wero lost. Tuk American Axe and Tool Company of Oakland, Me., was on the 23d roportcd to havo socurod control of the fjilt-edged tooi business of the United States by buying out its rivals. KNAPP, aged 5 years, accidontally shot and killc.d his baby brother with a revolver at Colorado Springs, Col., on the 24th. Dit. N. E. Paine, superintendent of the State Insano Hospital at Westboro, Mass., reponed on the 24th that four femalo and threo malo patients suffering wlthacuto mania were cured by the recent epidomic of influenza. A fire on the 24th in the Union silk works at Catasauqua, Pa., caused an explosión by which four men were killed, four fatally injured and many others less seriously hurt. At Morrisville, N. J., on the 24th Noah Palmer, agod 70 years, a member of a band of gypsies, shot and killed his wifo and then fatally shot himself. A severe shock of earthquake was feit at San Francisco and neighboring localitios carly on the morning of the 24th. Plastering feil from tho walls and houses wore swayed four inches. Advicf.m of the 24th say that ruin and desolation met the eye on evory side in Pointe Coupee parish in Louisiana. The destruction was complete. Not a plantation was left above water, not a levee unbrokon, whilo huijdreds of families wore homeless. Thousands of cattle had been drowncd. Ben Cor.BF.uv, 18 years old, shot little Cora Brubach on tho playground at school in Brazil, Ind., on the 24th because she had told the teacher of his misconduct. At San Francisco on tho 24th Michael Lañe, a stonc-cuttor, shot and killed his wife and then blow out his brains. By an explosión of dynamite in II. R. Doane's drug store in Delavan, Wis., on the 24th the proprietor and an unknown man were killed. At Iola, Kan., pxlensivo quarries of fine marble, 98 per cent. pure, were discovered on the 24th. Sim and Jorry Teel, who wero in jail at San Augustino, Tex., on a chargo of attempting to poison Colonel John II. Brooks and family, were taken from the jail on the 24th and lynched. lx a runaway on the 2!th near Lima, O., two horses and Minnie and Gertie Pierce woro killed, and Ella and Will Hawkins and Clif Churoh received fatal injuries. The Doran-Wright Company bucketshop at New York, one of the largest in tho country, suspended paymont3 on tho 25th. It was stated in New York on the 25th that tho political opinions of Sergius Shevitch, the Socialistic leader, had boen eondoned, and that he would soon roturn to ltnssia to take possession of largo ancestral estates. He has been an exilo for twon;y years. Four men, Jeremiah Wilt, Edward Brisban, John Sipe and John Hrisban' charged with countorfciting, wero arrestod on the 25th in Johnstown, Pa. A fuik on the 25th in the lumber yard of Paine & Co., at Northern Paciflo Junction, Minn., caused a loss of $100,000. Tuf. large furnace of tlio Iteading Railroad Company at Temple, l'a., was started up on the 25th after being idle seven years. Thf.ür were 218 businoss faiinres In the United States during the seven days endod on the 2öth, against 214 the previous seven days. The total of fail ures in the United States from January 1 to date is 4,005, against 4,245 in 1889. A ci.oiD-BURKT on the 2.r)th deluged the country around Gainesville, Tex., to a depth of several fcet. One woman was drowned and forty dwellings were wreckod. Tmo world's fair bill was signed by President Ilarrison on the 25th. Gkoríii: B. Ivks, ex-assistant district attorney, was imprisoned at Salem, Mass., on the SSth on a chargo of forgery, tho amount boing placed at $20,000. Ue confessod his guilt. llKAvvrain had on tho 2!5th caused a loss of hundreds of tliousands of dollars in North and West Texas. Crops had been ruined and railway bridges and tracks destroyotl. Daotel Beittman, an Altoona (Pa.) brewer, shot his wife on tbe 25th and thon killed himself. Dn. Thomas Hatchabü, oí Milwaukee, was on the 25th charged by his wife with having murdorcd more than twenty Infanta. Kansas farmers reported on the 25th that tho prospecta of tho winter wheat erop had boen gpeatly improvod by a heavy fall of rain duriqg tho threo days previous. Mrs. CiiAin.ori.i; Kmkuso.v Brows, of Orange, N. J., was on the25th elected president of the Genend Foderation of Women's Cubs in its convention at Now York. Work on tho University of the Southland was bèjEpra on the 35th at Bluffton, Ala. The institution la founded by the Northern Methodist Episcopal church. PERSONAL AND POLITICAL. John E. Cowkn, said to be tho oldest Odd-Follow in tho country, diod on the 21st at Amesbury, Mass., agod 82 years. He joined the order in Philadelphia in 1831. Captain Wii.i.iam L. Couch, leader of the Oklahoma boomers, died on the 21st at Guthrio, Ind. T., from tlie effects of a rifle wound inflicted April 4 by J. C. Adams. Santiago Gonzat.ks, a resident of New Mexico for sevonty-flvo years, died on the 21st at his ranch on tho Rod rivor in the lOCth yoar of his age.


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