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Tire British steamer Bilboa was lost on the 21st in the North sea and fifteen oí her crew were drownod. Ijí a speech on divorce on the 21st in the House of Commons at Ottawa, Ont., Premier Macdonald characterized the United States system as one of the fjreatost social abuses of the day. DtJBOIS, who murdered his wifo, two children and mother-in-law in St. Albans, Que., a couplo of months ago, was on the 22d sentenced to be hanged on Juno SM). Tuk council of the empire of Russia on the 23d passed a bilí proventing children under 14 years of age from working1 in factories. The oil works of W. A. Rose & Co., at Banksido, lCns;., near London, wero burned on the 24th. Loss, $600,000. A mob of 4,00ü persons attacked the Jewish quartor of Baila, in Ualicia, on the 24th. The military was called out and eleven pursons killed bef ore order was restored. Near Shelburne, Ont, a farmer named Morrison drowned three of his cbildren in a barrel of water on the 24th and then threw himsolf into a creek. He was taken out by neighbors in a dying condition. The house of William Arthurs at Belleville, Ont., was burned on the 24th, and Mr. Arthurs and his wife perished in the llames. Uoth wero over 00 years old. Five sisters named Damovieroff, the youngest 19 years old, committed suicide at Moscow on the 24th. lt was believed that fear of arrest as Nihilist3 led to the eommission of the deed. In an interview on the 25th at Freidrichsrube on the labor question l'rinca Iiismarck said the conflict of classes would nover oease, and he did notthink it was the intention of Uivine Providence that it should, because if it did human activity would come to a doadlock. In a boat race on the 2.r)th at Sydney, íí. S. W., for the world's championship Peter Kemp defoated 2S'eil Muttorsonby forty lenfths.


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