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The percentages of the base-ball clubs in tho Players' League for the week endod on the 26th werc: luff;ilo; .800; Uoston! .660; Philadelphia, .500; Brooklyn, .400; Pittsburgh, .400; New York. .400; Cleveland, .200. Tho clubs in tho National League stood: Philadelphia, .750; Boston. .666; l'ittsburgh. .600; Cincinnati, .600; Cleveland, .400; Chicago, .400; New York, 333; Brooklyn, .250. Adki.ima Patti, the famous sorgstrcss, lult New Vork on the 26tb for hsr homo in Wales. An overflow of tho Trinity river on the 2Tth causcd tho most destructivo ílood Bvor kiiown iri tho history of North Texas. The City of Dallas wan partly under wator. Giovanm SUCOI, wlio on March 17 bogan a forty days' fast at tho Royal Aquarium in l.ondon, succossfully coiaIjleted hls task on the 20th. Mus. .Iami.s A. Ca.hfiki.ij, accompaniod by her daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mis. J. Stanley lirown, visited tho WhltO Itouso on the 20 th for tho ilrst time sinee the death of President Garfu 11. John J. O'ltiüKJt, anotod Rcpublican politieian in New York, diedon tho2Tth, agcd iH years. Tuk villn" of Yorkvillo, Ark., was alniost ontirvly dostioyed by a tornado on the 'Mi. House, barns, foncofl and slructuros of all l inds wcjre taken up by tho wind and eaniud somo distanco, and hundrod of cattle were k Lllc-1. In Now York on the Üfllh Mayor Grant was charged witli huving boen guilty of wholosalc briliciy and Corrupt Ion. Mus. and Imr son Ulysses placed il cluster of roses on Genoral (]r;int"s Umb at -liiversido Park in New York on tho 27tli. It was the OSth anniversary of his birth. a liiiudred thousand panos of glass in skylijfhls and windows were sniashed on llio 27th by ahailstorm that Bwopt ovor l!:iltimoro, Md. NitAH Rolling Fork, Miss., sevon negruna woro drownod on tho 20th in tho flood tvhicll i:overod that country. In the L' n i tod States Senato on the 20th bilis wore passed for tho sale of a portion of tho Sioux resorvation in South Dakota and to pay A. II. Emory 8125,000 íor uso of gun patents by tho üovernment. In tho llouso a long discussion took place on the legislativo appropriation bilí. A message was rocoived fiom tlio l'rosidont riiturning without approval tho bill "to autuorize the city of ügdon, U. T., to assume increased indebtednoss." This was President Harriaon'á Tirst veta


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