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Snake stories have startcd In for tlic spriuj; season, Thcre are sevcn wheelmen In Chelsea, each possessinjj a good wlicel. 'J'lie Waj'iie Iteview now publishes cat obituary poetry. Kcquics cat. W. S. Hancock is now an agent of the U. 8. Express Co. at Ypsilauti. Cherry trees are very full of blossoms in tlie west part of tliis coutity. A ncw parsonage lias been eompleted for St. Thomas' cliurch in Frecüora. The father of R. H. Marsh, of Saline, is very ill at liis home in Columbiaville. Joécph Buland, one of Ypsilanti'sesleemed citizens,died May .ajíed 75 years. Saline is having a lively war over the loeation of a cemettry. Why not let t die? There will be eight gradaates from the Saline school tliis year, six jirls and two boys. The villaje marshal of Dundee proposes to lock up all "drunks" scen on the streets. Gideon E. Hayt, an old resident of Dexter, died Sunday of piralysis, ajfed about C5 years. Senator Jas. S. Gorman, of Lyndon, bas been quite ill for a few weeks, hut is about once more. Miss Francés E. Willard president of the non-political W. C. T. U. is to speak at Ypsilauti May 23d. According to the supervisoi's report there were 14 blrths and 11 deatbs in Chelsea durin; 1880. The Sons of Veterans are lo have the firing squüd at the Docoration Day exercises. - Milan Leader. Mrs. Olive E.Friend, of Electric Sugar fame, is making gome line improvements on her farm at Milan. At St. Mary's Chureh, Wayne, Bishop Foley, assisted by four priests coniirined 30 candidates rccently. Many shade trees have been set out this spring about the county, but you can't get too many of them. M. E. Keeler, of Sharon, marketed the lirst load of wool ín Chelsea thls season, and H. S. Holmes bought it. Most farmers in this vicinity havetheir oats sowed, and a good beglniBg at their coru grouud. - Chelaea HeiaUl. The Leader says that there are few vacant houses in Milan, and all are beIng rapidly ftlled wilh tenants. Mllan's vil Inge council is investlgatlng fire apparatus witha view of securin;)rotectiou from that dread element. Uhelsea stands way np 015 feet above the liivel of waters that Christopher Columbus crossed four hundrod years aro. The races of the Stockbrldge Trotting Association will be held on the last two duys in July and the lirst in August. The members of the Baptist cliurch at Chelsea will hereafter recline in nico, new chairs. Better singing will of course result. The Milán high School boys have orjranized a base ball nine, aml are now ready to knockout anyother nine of the same calibre. Xettie Winans, of Cholea, has sued Henry Coucli for brcach of promlse to niarry, estim-iting lic daraage as $5,000. - Stockbrid;e Sun. According to the May erop report nine out of 20 milis and elevators In tlie county reported 40,529 busliels of wheat niarketed during the previous inontli, and :i:U,201 since Aug. lst. last. The Ladies Helpinsr Hand Society ot Ypsilanti towti has 35 membera and is making many dollalï for the eb u rel). They give a "C" social at the hall at U iwsonville, next Tuesday. Butter is ajjaiu one of the chcap commodities, morchanta scarcely caring lor t at Uc. The shultinff down of the Mooie tflle ereamery makes the snpply bere iiiuch more liberal tlian in prevlous seaeons. - S;iline Observer. It is a cold day when you dón't see i lot of boys in the town of Augusta si Hing around on the fences and in the trees vvatching for wood chueks, like a lot of crows watchln? the south end of a cornlield. - Ypsilanti Commercial. A rat in a barrel caused .1 Saline house to be haiiDted recently. The man of the house didu't believe in jhosts however, so he took a boot jack, hunted up the disturbing epiiits, and killed tliein to{rether with a terrible ghost story. Small sizible boys, almost younjf men, put in the time Sutlday, by stonine; to üeath a pet kitten belonging to Frank Ward. a wblpptng post in tbia communily would be benelicial to come of the heartles youths. - Stockbride Sun. Qnlte au exodus fiom this phice to the upper península this week, Cone Schaffer and two son?, Will and E in met, Win. Walker, Charles Spears, Pred Cook, Clirist Behmfdt and Will Klein liavin": trone tbere to woik through the summer season. - Saline Observer. The "kids" are boiistiHg that they get bounty on chlpples by niakinir the Clerk belleve theni sparrows - Stockbrid;e Bun! That clerk may turn around one of these days and collect $5 a piece for c-ach onn of those cbipples. He can do so, and we are not sure but he ought to. Frank Jones had the Saline fire departmentall out to put out a tire in lus house caused by a burning chimney one day last week. But belore they could get there Frank, with a few pails of water, a little salt, and a paraffraph or two trom Blackstoue and Coke, had won the case. Fred C. Crawford whose name has recently become so well known as the re porter who recently interviewed ex-1'rrsident Cleveland, about whieh so much bas been said, Is an oldOiklaml county boy. We are not BOFprised that O ikland eounty gen to the front.- South Ia-oh Picket. The ?ad news of the death of Mra Edward Gallügher, at her home in üetroit, was received by her relativos here to-day. Mrs. üallaher was a sister of the Inte Jas. Gorman, of tliis place. Mrs. üallagher will be remembercd by some of the oíd people as a lx autiful young girl üfty years ago.- Chelsca Herald, Somebody's "bad boy" opened the tap to the water inain at the end of Cross street bridge, Wednesd;iy, and gave the bridge and all who attemptud to cross over it, a shower bath. "That boy" will either make a very smart man, or be hung; it is difllcult to phrophecy which. He certainly has raro genius formlschlef. - Ypsllanti Commercial. How would it do to drown blm ? At the Josenhans golden wedding last week, a piano given them as a wedding present 50 years before was used to furnish inucic. Mr. and Mrs. Joaenhans are 75 and 03 years of ago respectively and are the parents of slxteen chiklren, twelvc of whom are living, and all but two were present on the above occasion. - Saline Observer. The cusscd dogs are 6till getting in their work destroying slieep. Tuesday morning Capt. Nel. White's floek were again attacked, and four killed and a dozen others badly injured. A few days bofore the llocks of Capt. Ingersoll and Dba8. PoKter were also attacked and several in each badly wounded. How much longer is the running of dogs at lurge to be tolerated ? - Dundee Reporter. Flora Adam a young girl working for William Ijehr of Mancliester, was standing on a chalr near the ralllng of' a stoop hanging out dollies Monday morning last, wlien the line broke. She hud hold of the line and the weight of the dothes Jerked her over the railing. She feil 15 feet uead downward on the stone pavement, fracturing her skull and breaking her neek. An Adrián correspondent says a 6uit was decided In the circuit court whereby a party was taught the cost of carelessness. A mortgage had been paid and the mortgagor requested the mortgagee to discharge t. The latter said he would, proyided the fees íor so doing were paid. He named the amount he wantod and it was paid. Time passed along, yet he did not enter the discharge as be promised. He was importuned, but kept putting off the day, till fimilly the mortgagor brought snit under the statute, and after a full hearing the jury gave a verdict of $100, the full statutory penalty. It is the tlrst case of the kind ever brought In our court. - Tecumseh Ileraki. A little son of John Iloward, aged ahout 9 years, met his death In a very tragic manner last Baturday. It seema tliat one John Feuerbticlier who lives near the railroad track by the depot, liad a cow in his yard with a young calf. The boy went lnto the yard accompanied by his dog, which made the cow mad, and she went for the dog in a ferocioua minner. The dog ran to the boy for protection, and the cow was angry cnotigh to attaek anything in her way. So she hooked the bo}r, the hom entering the bowels near the groin, and threw hira on to her back. He' then rolled oll' and afterward climbed on to a f'ence near by. But before anyone could reach liim he feil to the ground, and died witlün a few seconds. It is a very sid affalr. liy reading the following resolution it will be noted tliat South Lyon people do not care to asslst Mr. Adiley very much In tiikiiig up the South Lyon branch: Resolved, That we the people of South Lyon and vicinity will onpo-i! the abandonment of said rail way, byevery means within our power, we will follow Mr. A ilcy ind his petition to the court of last resort; we shall appeal to the next Legislature for redress of our wrongs, lonj; Buffered In connectlon with thu railway; we sliall know no party in tliis matter and any man fVom governor of the state of Michigan down, who has so little sense of justice as to aid the abandonment of this railway, we shall regard as a public enemy and it he shall ever come up for ollice we shall seek to defeat his election by every honorable means.


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