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F. ('. Moriarty, the new clerk of l'psilanti la taking hold of hiswork wlth good energy and thoroughness. fie is wideawake, capable'and honest, Just the man 'or tlie position. If there is any dangerof American pco;il(- mlopting free tralie, the practice of killing ofl" rats bctter be stoppei). Tlie rodeiits will be needed for food for the laborlng classes withiii a short time after free trade is adopted. The Pations of Industry store at Charlotte, run on the ten per cent. plan, althongb liberally patronized, has " gone up," in other words, " busted." Th ia Is lookcd tipon by the people in that scction as being very significant. Congreasman Van Schaick, of Milwaukee, chairman of the sub-committee of the House comtnittee on public buildings and grounds, who has reportad all the Michigan public building bilis this seffion, says the coniniittee will hold 110 more meetings and that no more bilis will go on the calendar. He thinks that there aie inany more bilis reported than will ever pass and says only two or threc of the Michigan bilis are llkely to be considered by the House. The tbeory ol Ptalemy that the planeta revolrearound the earth Is not fartlier Drom the trutli than your idea that a nailon cuu tax luelf rlch.- Ypsllanti SeiHinel. The way to get rich of course is to bny yourself rlch. Send all the money in tUe country out of the country topay foreign maiHifacturers, forcign farmers and foretgn nierchants for goods and producís that under our present protective system we make and produce ounelres. That'a the way to get riel', of course, any narrow mlnücü crank ought to know that. Hon Samuel J. Itandall was a democrat but a protectionist. The following was his platform, whlch is absolutely invulnerable, and we dety any man to refute one single assertlon of it: lst. That no man can bny another's labor until lie can sell his own. i. lt he imys the labor of the Kngllsh or Germán workman he cannot be certain they will buv his In return. 8d, That the uearer the farmer and the skllleil workman are to cacli other the more of eacti other'8 labor will they get, and t lic easier and cheaper they exchauge lt. 4lh. That thero i a law of compensation In all thlngs; tlie more wages the méchame enuaged In itilled divers! (led labor recelves the more he pays aud Is able to pay for lt. The Monroe Commercial clinchei a polnt tlius: "A great hue and cry has always been set up by the free trailers that i tariffon raw materials made them cost so much to the manufacturer that he could not make goods to compete with other comunes in the outside markets of the world. Whether it would hurt the farmer or miner was of no account - free material we mu9t have. The McKinley taritl'liill provides both the protection to the producer and all the chance to the manufacturer to compete for foreign markets that free raw material would give him, by providinsr that the governnient shall 'retain ouly 1 percent, instead of 10 per cent. of the duty paid on raiv material which is re-expoited In manufactured form. This gives the people of the United States practical!}' free raw material for export trade." In the tarifT débale ii the House at Washington last Fiiday, Capt. Allen made a lively speech, of which the daily press gave tlie following synopsis: During the debate on the tarifl' }resterday afternoou Capt. Allen got in a few words on farm inortgages. "In the eastern countries," he said, "there is a cliiss of professionals who are known as dervishes; they are sometimes called 'Howling Dervlsbea.' Thelr business isto moorn not over their own culamaties, hut over those of otlier people. Tliey mourn tor tlie fun and money there is in it; tliey mourn upon all possi ble occasions, by the huur, day or week, regardless of the fee!1njs of tlie living or the repose of the deail. 1 ani remiuded of llieni bv the often Intoned "miserere" heard here relative to mortgages. I isli to say to my frleiid trom Alab ana, who spoke in a somewhat mournful struin a few moments ago, that Ihave not tlie least doubt but the census about to be taken wil sliow that Hiere are more mortgnges il proportion to the number of people in the state of Michican than la AlabHma Hut I have no doubt tliat the same census will show that Michigan is twice as prosperous as tlie etate of Alabama. In other word, mortgages do not always indícate that poverty which ha3 Called forth such extensive niouruing as we have heard on thls rt or diiring this debate."


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