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The Symphony Concert

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The performance of the Symphony Orcheatra was of such perfeellon that we carinot hope to do anght, but add our tribute to tlie musicians, aiul especiaĆ¼y to Mr. Nikisch, who is without doubt the greuti-st conductor America has ever possessed. llis absolute mastery over the players and the depth and artistic merit of his conception of the music was evident in eacli and every number on the programme. The '"Tannhaeuser" over ture lost nothing in intensity and pained greatiy n clearness by the slower tempo at wtiicli itwas taken. The accuracy of intonatiou and tatiltless plirasing ot the "wood wind" and "brass" was a noticeable feature of the performance of the overture, and we may add tliat the perfection of this depaitment of the orchestra lias been lost sight of by the critico in tlieir admiration for the "strings" This fact was also empliaslzed in the Andante to the Symphony. Mr. Nikisch displayed rare judguieut iu the accompauiments to the Aria and the violin solo. Wben we say tliat Mr. Nikisch diJ this, we are paying the orchestra the highest possible compliment, for such musicians only too gladly sink theniselves into their leader' conceptions, and eacli of the men are so proud of Air. Nikiscli tliat they are content to be praised tl.roujih him. Mr. Loeitler showed himself to be a remarkable arust, and the "Symphony E-pajnole" by Lalo tvitli the solo played as he played it establislied itself at once as a masterpiece. Mme. Jahn both in the Aria and songs showed heiself au artist, and her personality won lier as many filends as lier singing. We have no spacefor a lengthy review of the Suite and Symphony but must content ourselves with the statement that they were both siven vith a linisli and breadth wortliy of t h cm. Tliat the overture and Symphony were the favorites is a pleasiug refleotiOD, for the latter was eminently claesicai, and the foriner one of the best ex imples of ]{ichard VVagner's genius. The audiencc were enthusiastic and are all urgent in demanding au engagement of tlie orchestra for next year, and it will be a pleasing bit of Information to our readers to know that they have a date reserved for the Choral Union series of next year.


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