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Wirt Dexter

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The telegraph lias brieft y announced the sudden death of Wirt Uexter ia Chicago Saturday night at the carly age of 37. His deuth was caused by an altack of angina peetoris, asort of rheumatism of the lieart and was a surprise to all his friends as lie was a man of fine physiquc and excellent habite. He was bom at Dexter in tliia stato. His father was Judge Samuel Dexter, a pioneer jurist of Michigan, after whom was named the town of Dexter. His grandfather, Samuel Dexter, of Boston, was secretary of the treasury under President John Adama, and won equal distinction as a law y er and statesman. Young Wirt was graduated early frorn Aun Arboi1 and for a time engaged in the lumber business in upper Michigan, but lie sooi) followed his natura', inclinations and devoted himself to tlie praotice of law In whioh lie rost; to great eininence, being considered one of the foremost lawyers in Cnieago. He hnd been connected willi many notable nasos, representing the government in the prosecution of the t'nmous "whisky ring" suits, comUicting tlie will case of Capt. E. B. Ward in Detroit and tlie Newberry and Wilbur F. Story suits in ChlOHgo. At the time of his death he was the general solicitor of tlie Chicago, Burlington & Quincy railroad. He was noted for his public spirit as a citizen. For two years lifter tlie great Chicago lire he abandoned his pructice and served aschnirman of tlie relief c m mittee, disbursing in thut time $5,OOO,OUO with the utmost prudence and care. Mr. Dexter's niother is still living at Dexter, and a sister, Mis. DonaUlson, lives in Chicago. His first wil o was Katherine Dusenberry, ot Marshall. Slie dled, and in 18GG he married Miss Josephine Moore, of Chicago. They have two children, Samuel, aged 21, wlio graduates at Harvard this year and is president of his class, ana a daughter, Katberlne, aged 14. He was the idol ot his home and his friends aud liis loss is very gruat. There are also two sisters, Mis. Ij. 11. Jones and Mis. Henry Stannard, now living in Dt-xter. Theie is also one nephew, llowurd Btannard, and a niece, Miss Lme Stanuard now iu the University. Anotlier Qephew, Qordon Stannard, graduated froni the llterary department in 1S8S). In au early day Mr. Doxter was a lively young man in this section. When but a mere boy he went about the country making political ppceelies, and was even then accounted a match lor any of the solid speakers upon the otlier side. Iq those dnys he was a whig and he was not souglit after by the democratie speakers very much, in tact they dreaded to meet the boy in debate. Mr. Dexter always oarried a warm place in his heart for hls old home, and many a time had he refused invitations trom prominent cities in tüe west for 4th of July orations to be present and meet hls old friends at Dexter. And whenever he ciiuie tiie people always turned out en massu to meet him, for he was very popular. His death will be mourned as geuerally and sincerely here in his olil home as it will be in the greaC city wheie In met with such eminent success at the law


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