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A horrible discovery was made Monilay by John Fogai ty and L. J. Bttchho] whlle grading the front yard of the latter's premises at No. 73 E. Catharine street nearly opposite the new hospita location. While digrinï aboutS' fect uuder the ■urface a coflin sliaped box was discovered, which being uneurthed disclosed the skeleton of a man. He must have been oue weil along in years as indieated by the boxes and by indeutations on tl e skull niay liave met his deatli by blows from souie sharp instrument. Here is u niystery that will never be cleared up, probably. It is evident tlia the remaius were buried wliere they were found surreptitiously, and hurriedly, else Ctaey would have been in a deeper grave Mr" Buchholzsays that they have lived 01 the place for ihe past sixteen years, hik that ihe remains must have been lliert long before that, so at least a score o years ba passed siuce the scène was enacted, aud the niystery will doilbtlen re mui i a niystery to the day when the lom gouiidmg trumpet of Gabriel shall awaken all the dead. A gentleman who was gazing upon tht ghaslly bones suggested that H looked to him as if soaie medical student had at one time sawed the kuil in lwo, and he be lieved that the bones were tiiose of a subject dlssected by them. Of course thil iheory is to be scouted. It would spoi all the mystery surroundlng the a flair and knook this item into sniitliercenp. liushels of dandelions cheap. Enriuire of II. W. Hayes al the Ii. O. station. The latest fad among tlie boys is a black full dress shield or sasli with white watch chai u. Weather prophecy hy our specia prophet: "It will ruin soou." Mark the prediction of our Wiggins. Miss Mamie Latson, of the Ypsilant Co:servatory of Muic, will sing a solo at the M. E chti'ch iiext Sumlay even ing. The farmers are complatnlng bitterlj over the condition of the soil. 'I'oo wel to plant oom, or get in the spring erop? It certainly look dubimis lor many o them. A. W. Hamilton is the lirst to complj with the order of the Uoard of Pire Cuín mijsioners and has put up a Int escape on the rear of his block. It wa needed. George Mos=, one of the old time bar bers of this city hut of late In Saginau died in the latter city reeently, and hl body was sent to the medical college He was known as ' Crutcli." Clover meadovvs in this counly wei e ranked at 78 per cent. on May lst ai compared with average yetiru, by the Orop report, aud 24 [lercent of Ihem wil be plowed up. Ann A rbor stands 930 feet abuve the level of the sea, accordin to the repor of the Michigan VVealhei' Service Bureau, and Ypsilanti 730 feet. And yet there is niucli to tee at both places. The May Crop Report sa3rs that 13 per cent. of the acieage of wheat sown wil be plowed up aud that tiie coudilioii in lespeet to vitality and {rrowth as oom pared with average years is 72 per cent. Mayor Manly Is to cali a meeting cltlzeus inieroted in the removal of the slaughter hoiiíes on Tuesday evenlng a the COIinoll room to tilk over a new location for these houses. This is a questiou of ijreat impot tanee. Saturday just bi'fore noon, a horsp helonjtlng io Fred Eempf, of Northfleld attaehed to a baggy, rail away. Startin.íí from the wood ma'rket it turned on A1"1 St., and when in front of Wi'l Stimsin's store i'iin into the reiir ond of J. S Ei1 ■l's dray, knoclcing off the railing Ir. ! okcd savage for a second or two, bilt did not develop much damage. "Rev." Dr. S. A. Jone?, who is one of the practical jokers of the city, in a very sober and solemn manner bas npplhtd to Indian Commisaioner Jacobs for a posltion as post chaplain at some of the agencies. Between homeopathie prayers and little pills the Doctor eould probably save many a dusky savage. The applicailnn bas been forwarded to Washington, and will recelve prompt attention of the department undoubtedly. The Grand Army Post of this city will be escoi ted to Unlversity Hall on the afternnon of Memorial Day by Conipnny A and the Sons of Veterans. There is good reason for thinking that the Untfortned I'atriarchs Militant of the Odd Pellovvs will al-o join In honoiing the occasion. Any ortrnnizations which desire to particípate ure coidially iuvlted, and a place in the procession, which forms at 2 o'clock, will be apsigned them, upon notifying Major Harrlson Soule. marshal.


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