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Freilerick Pislorhis is bulkliug a fine residenee for lilnuelf on l'ackaid at. Xo dandelions on our cotirt house square, tliunks to Mr. Siark lor the same. Cornwell's mPI pond is to have a .mail Bteamer for pleasure partios this suinmer. Jolin J. Walker of the 3d ward, died tliis noon, of blood poisoninr, aged ubout 50 years. Au laland park is what Ann Arbor ought to linve. And what she can have if sli wants to. There ought to be a gravel drive on the court house lawn at the southwest corner for teams to liaul fuel, etc. The city fountaln formerly In front of the court house is now doing duty on the boulevard, water beiug supplied from Lennon's spring. An error having been made in the bond given by the city treasurer, the council met last evening and approved the same after correction. Wordaln almost cverybody's naoutli: "Why den't the city authorities purehase i gtone crusherf" Reapeotfnlly referrcd to tlie cit3' council. JiiHlicp Bllttl has moved hls oflice to the St. James bloek, where he wlll mete out justice to the law breakers witli renewed cal and energy. The animal exhibitiou of tlie Ann Arbor Art Club w 111 occur the first week in June In the Ladies' Librar; room, more extended notke nexl weck. The o!d fenco around the Tappan hall property corner of State and Huron sts , is belng removed preparatory to erecting the uew Guild hall thereon. Perhapa the Sentlnel can teil us what soit of a towD Ypsilanti is, anyway ? We notice tliat the great North Shore Limited Express does not make that station! Material has all been ordered for the Aun Arbor Street Rallway, and as soon as it can be shippod liere, work will begin. There is probubly no mistake about it fliis time. The lire department wlll probably have a new span of horses to-day. A span of gravs, 2CO0 lbs., to be put upon the hook und ladder truck. Jake Hauser has withdnuvn his team from the tire department. Chus. 8. Fall liavinf! decllned the Captalncy of Co. A because of otlier engagenienta that would Interfefe wlth liis duties, the company met last Monday eveuint; and c!lO86 Win. F. Armstrong captain. The wldening of the nortli end of División strcot, from North to Detroit Street will be brought beiore tlie eouncil for rlnal action at the regular meetins; in June. Tlie Street sliould be widened, by uit means. The council (lid a wise deed in granting a hydrant at the fair gronndi. 'J'lie city ouglit to be mucli more interested n the success of tlie fair than it uppears to be, aüd ihe sraall expense ought to be cheerfullv granted. For sale eheap - a first ol:i. drinking fountain. Enquire of the city council. The concern tortnerly etood in front of thecourt liousc on Huron st. It proved a i!i i-iili-il failure here. It inight be all rijilit In Van Uuren county. There will be meeting of the Board of Managers of the County Agrirultural and Horticultura! Society on Monday Mav 86tb, at 2 o'clock p. 111. on the fair grounds. All those vvho are interested in a race track shoukl be on hand. Welch post G. A. R , Sons of Veterans, and Co. A will attend service at the M. E. church next Sunday forenoon. In the evening Kev. John lihey Tliompson, D. D., of Iirooklyn, N. Y., Will lectura before the Wesleyan Guild. A little lad about ten years oíd, son of Vet. Armstrong, while walking on some of the timbers of the T. & A. bridge tumbled headlong iuto the pond Friday night. He could not swim hut a man who was lishing there pulled hlm out by ihe aid of his fiáh pole. By an act of the last legislature the supervisor of every district is obliged to take the swoin statement of every man as to bis property, and there is no dodging the point. So don't get mad when that official hands you B blank and asks you to comply with the law. Louis Standel was plcked up Insensible at about 11 o'c'.ock Saturday night, on E. Catheriue st. near Fourth st., having been hit by some person or persons unknown. His face was badly brulsed. One tramp has been arrested on suspicion of being one of the guilty partiee making the assault. We wlsh to cali the attention of the citizens of Ann Arbor to the need of tlowers to be used on Memorial Day. The aiiricultural room at the court house will be open on Friday morning May 30th, and all donations of the kind should be there by 9 o'clock sharp. Hemember the flowers for Memorial liay. A grand reception is to be given the returifuir delégales from the animal Knights Templar conclave, at Masonic Temple to-hight, the especial occasion being the promotion of Deputy Grand Commander W. G. Doty to Grand Commander of the Grand Commaupery of the Knights Templar of Michigan. The Aun ArborBicyclc Club met Mondny eveninfi and organizad (.-lcctiug tlic fullowlog olUcers: President- Jas. .1. Quarry. Vice-Presideut- Wm. Eburbach. Sec. and Treas.- Leo Kapp. iMptain- Chas. W. Wagner. lt Meut.- Wm. Kennesjy. 2il Lleut.-W. P. ötepnens. liugler- Chas. Meyers. A meeting will be held Monday evening oext at the rink to adopt by-law?. A bad feeliiir has existed for some time, it geems, between Charles Mlller and Georee Kfner, young men of thia city. On Thursday evening last tliey met on NV. .Liberty st. near the T. & A. A. tracks, and trom words carne bluwa, when ütner drew a revolver and shot Miller near the knee. A bystunder interfeieil to prevent further shootlng when Effner ittempted to shoot him, nlm, ro ilie story oes. The ball has not been extractad trom Miller's leg, but Dr. Kapp ilots not fet-1 that it will be anyliiiiiii leriotim Effner was loUged In jail by ilarslial Walsli. and wll have an examinution beforc Jastico Pond to-morrow. So f ar he does not appear to regret bis hasty action. C. P. Stone was electcd captain of the S. of V's. last Friday evening. Again the smiling face of Hon. John .1. Robison was in court Monday as attorney. It Is said that there is sorne talk of establishing a bank on State street. It will probably be talk. WiUiam, son of Theo. and May Jack01), of the third ward, died May 10, aged 9 years, of diptheria. Mark the prediction, the man who sticks to his farm will be prosperóos and happy for the next two years. Oscar O. Sorg will paint the buildings on the fair grounds for the advertising privileges of the same. Mrs. Deny Mitchell sues for divorce from George N. Mitchell, alleglng fraud, cruelty and failure to support. There are eight passenger tralns each way every day now on the M. C. H. KSee the n'ew time table on the 4th page. At Bethlehem Lutheran church next Sabbath communlon will follow regular morning services, it being Whlt-Sunday. The Boston Symphony Concert Co. carne here in a train of tbeir own consistng of tive coaches - two baggage and three Pullman cars. Hon. Wirt Dexter, of Chicago, formerlv of Dexter, died ou Saturday crenini after two hours' lluess. He was the leader of the Chicago bar, and had been laboring very hard recently. Afcension Day last Thursday was observed by Anu Arbor Commandery K. T , some thirty members marching to the cemeteo' to observe the ceremony of decorating the graves of deceased knights. The executive committee of the High School Alumni have held a meeting to make preparations for the Alumni dinner to be given commencement time. Another meeting will be held next Monday evening. After reading the item In the Stockbridg Sun relative to the abductlon performance of the students recently, the tliought cnuld not help bilt come to our mind: "We wonder if Bro. Glldart was ever a young fellow liimself ?" Miss Dora McCollum, a young lady wbose mind had becoine deranged, was sent to tl. e Pontlae asylum as a private patiënt by Judge Kinue, acting as Judjje of Probate, Monday. Drs. Breakey and Kapp mnking the examination. Miss Maniie E. Latson, who was the winner of tlie Normal News gold medal, and whose picture the Ypsilantl Commercial gave last week, is ■ nati ve of Ann Arbor. That accounts for her being so handsome and smart, of course. The posltion of secretary of the 'Washteuaw County Agricultural and Horticultural Society havlng been rcsigned by Geo. H. Pond who has held it for the past two years or more, gratis, a oew secretary will be chosen at the meeting next Monday. At the laat meeting of Welcb Post the coruinittee on iuvitations was Instructed to invite not ouly Co. A, the Sons of Veteran Camp. and the Common Council, but all other societies in the city to particípate vvith them in the ob.-ervunce and parade on Memorial Day. The Board of Review of Ann Arbor town are in session at the agricultural room at the court house, where they will remata ontll Tuesday, the27ih. I'roperty ownert in ttiat township can have a chance to kick on their asessraent on Monday aud Tuesday of next week. A "frlendsblp ring," to whlch 100 l'riends must each contribute one penny is the latest er.ize among the fjirls. In former times only one friend was asked to contribute, and it usually cost him from $ö.00 to $500, as the ability of his pocketbook would permit. This penny business is much more coinfortable. A sudden death occured at Mrs. Rovce's house, on E. Ann st., last Sunday eveninor of congestión of the lungs, after a two hour's sickness, of Mrs. N. O. Field, arcd 21 years. The deceased was the wife of a student of the literary ment, and they had been married only 8ince the holidays. Tüe reniains were taken to Iowa, Monday, where the couple live. Hon. Georpre Sutton, of Northfinld father of Hon. Natliau E. Siltton of the same place, died last Saturday, at bis home, at the advnnced age of 80 years. Mr. Sutton came to this county in an early dn3r, and had reslded on the same fiirni for 60 years. He was n mem her of the legislatura f rom this district in 1875. Funeral services were held f rom St. Andrew's Church yesterday inoriiing being condisctcd by Ann Arhor Commandery K. 'I'., of whicli org ini.ttions he was a charter ineniber. E. L. Mille, of Adrain who is taking mortg:ige statistics for the government cen.-us has been at work at the Register of Deeds office here aome two weeks and expects to finish in a few üays more. Mr. Mills tells us that he is surprised to tind that so inuny of the mortgages in this county are on city property. Of the 8,000 or 9,000 mortgages put on record for the past ten years fully one-lialf are on city property; and for the past two years fully two-thlrds of the number are on city property while the amouot is in still greater proportion. He says that Washtunaw farms have sutf -red very little in this respect of late. The followlng very complimentary notice of our new postmaster is taken from the Sentinel, published at Sauk Rápida, Minn., the former home of Mr. Beal: uWe notice wilh rauch pleasure that Mr. E. E. Beal, a former resident anil merchant of this village, haa been nppointed postmister at Ann Aibn-, Michijjan, by President Ilarrison. Every person here who knew Mr. Ueal (and tbey are not a few by any means) will rejoice to hear of his good fortune. Eugene, as he was known here, was highly esteemed, and left behind him as many warm, steadfast f riends in this county as any one who ever lived here." A horse belonginr to H. Duslop and attached to a road cart, broke loóse in front of John Goetz's store on southMain st. last Friday evening, tore down the street, smashlng some of the articles displaved in front of Dean & Co's., narrowly escaped killing or injuring several people, turned the corner west at Huron st., ran into the big chunkof coal that E. B Hall bas had for a sign so long, and turned a complete somersault, got up agaln and smashed into (Jibson's plioto. graphic show case, when It was stopped. Slrange to say the animal was but little injurcd. The hair-breadth escapes of this run away caused a wonderful sensaliou on the street for some time. Tliere were a large numberof people at the M. C. station Sunday to see the new " flyer," tlie train that makes the distance between New York city and Chicago in 23 hours. The train is a beauty, and has every comfort that can be thouglit of in connectlon with travoling. Tlie buffet car has a library, barber shop and smoking room, the parlor and sleeping; cars are marvels of excellence, the dining car has all tlie appolntments of a flrst class hotel; the conductor wears kid gloves, and the train employés are all in fine blue uniforms. It only costs $2.50 extra togo f rom Aun Arbor to Chicago on thia train, and the mile;ige tickets are not recognized.but a íirat class ticket must be shown before any one is allowed to board tlie traveling palacc. It quite annihilatesspace betweeu the eaBtern and Western mctropolises. At tlie council meeting Monday evening Mayor Manly by message recommended the enforccment of the city ordinances, especially the one requiring wheelmen to keep off the sidewalkè, Also recommending tliat the railroads be required to keep tl igmen at street crossings ; also that as the city now has undlsputed possession of the old cemetery, that the bodles should be removed or other means taken to vacate the premises, and that the ground should be used for park purposes. (In which the mayor has the heai ty support of the people.) The mnyor also recommended that the city seture land at Cedar Bend ave. for park purposes, now, while it can be obtained wltli little oost. The name of James Murrnv wm sent in for patrolman, and conflnned. The petition for extencling the water maiiis on Hill st. to Forest ave. was not graDte4 The sum of 1 12.1 waa app,ropriated to open First st. and 9250 to build a culvért on W. Seventh st. The extensión oí' the water mains 1,500 feet to the fair grounds at an annual expense of one by drant, was ordered.


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