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Bn.i.s wore passed in the United Statos Senate on tho lTth to pay the assignoes of John Roact) 83 ',340 for extra work on tho monitor l'uritan and S20.274 for the care of the monitor üoanoko; to próvido for the return of socond-class mail matter, and appropriating $:00,000 for a bronze statue of U. S. (rant in the city of Washington. In the Heuse the tariif bill was disoussed, durinr which warm worda passed between Mr. Bayne, of l'eunsylvania, and Mr. liynum, of Indiana, the latter being called before the bar of the House and censured for unparlimentary lang-uage. A kait.way engino exploded on the 17th near Danville, Tenn., killing1 threo men. The stoamer Harold, bound from Bilbao to Glasgow, foxindered off the Irish coast on éne LTth, and six persons wero drowned. A PAKMKit named Marión Tucker, with his two c.hildren, a girl of 9 and a boy of 14, werq drowned on a small lake ou his furm noar Stanton, Neb., on the 17th by the upsetting of a boat. Piuk on tho lSth among business buildings at Toledo, O., eaused " loss of 8110,000. The schoener Jessle lïreck wa9 wreckod on hake Ontairo off Nine Milo I'oint on the ITth, and the captain and six of the crew rere drowned. Fok tho lirst time in five years intoxicating liquors vvere sold openly in Topeka, Kan., on the 17th. l'"i)Ei; cxplodiid in a buildhifr at Havana, Culiu. on the 17th. killing thirty-four persons and injuring over a hundred others. At Frunkfort, Ky., .lohn (,. Carlislo was on the lTili electeil United Stiltes Senator by the sasombly in joint s!ssion. lic icreived 107 votes. Thomas Mi ■Cukam:. l'on-uilar Agent of the (Jhtted Staten at l'ortsmouth, Knr., coiniinited suicide on thé ITth. Shi:i.i:m--at-.i:m ('anadv, of tho United Senaie, lendereil liis resignation on t:je 17th, to take elfect July 1. At Salt Laica City Ilenry Dinwoody'l furnitui-e store was burned on the 18th. Loss, $1-25,000. Tuk percentages of the baso-ball clubs in the l'layors' League for the week ended on the 17th were: Cbioacro, .578; Boston, .571; Hrooklyn, .571; l'ittsburgh, .52; Cleveland, f406; Xew Vork. .444; l'liilailelpliia, .431; liulïalo, .357. The chibs in ihn National League stood: Fhiladelphia. .Cliii; Obiosjfo, .502; Cincinnati, ,S3B; Hrooklyn, .500; Xew York, .500; Glevelánd, .4(8; Pittsbur:h, .H4: Boston, .4r;s.


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