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The Shape For Road Surface

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Tho shape to be givon a road surface lias been a subject of much discussion. In order to get a good mtfer shed, an essential to 'long car, many roads liavo been made so rounding in the center as tobe uncomfoi taille to vehieles. It is now generalij èoncéded tliat the drosa section should be a curve and fcliat the hèight of a road sliould be one-sixtieth of its width, is, u roadbed tliirty feet wíde, sliould be six inches liigher in the :-i iLi-i" than at the sides. At a n cent luoeting of tho New Jersey board oí agricultura ilr. Pralxk Keefe, of kiereer county, in a paper on road making, recomuiended thut whore the expens.' can lie borne asplialt be used; wüere Btone is plenty, a Telford road; where distriefcj are thinly êettled, a six inch bed of stune covered with a two inch layer of gravel. He also reconiniiiiils especial care in uiaintuining roads after they are built, and suggests the giving of irizej by the state eaCh year to Mie countiee lio-fing the best roads.


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