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tries Prolection í gaining ground. H u gaining ground in America. - Son. II". h'. Gladstone. The Tribune of last Sunday has a long editorial upon tlic recent escapade of a few students of the Umversity, bearing down very heavlly upon studenU, faciilty the justice and circuit courU of tliis city and county, and almost everybody ana everytbing else. Such an editorial from the Tribuno, which s usually very eonservative and careful in it3 utterances, is somewhat surprising1, and proves tliat it is writlog without fully umlerstanding the Sltuotlon. It3 reference to the gifts made other institutions lias nothitig to do wlth the case. Arraigninj; tlie ilumniof tbis Uuiversity for ingratitade has notblag to do wlth the case. But f tiie Tribune wiH investígate it will lind that wlth Harvard Yale and Princeton, and a)l other universities, It is not the alumni who have given so bountifully to thelr alma mater, but people who never graduated from any college, who bavinp; accumulatcd wealth seek some cliamiel to tlo good with Uieir money and at the same time perpetúate their Dama. And as far as "ghlnnlDg uround near the close of the fiscal ycar to make both ends meet," the U. of M. can glve any of thein pointers frora its past history. To attain the highest rank of any university in America In point of altendancc, and also in polnt of excellence, with about one-third of the expenditures of Harvard and far less thanYale has been no easy task. It is not true that the graduateg of other univeralUes have generally come to tlu ir aid as the Tribune stutcs. Further, there is not a university student in the hospital nor has there been one there since the "iracas" wliich ha9 caused so much talk and waste of pcuciU and gray matter on the part of editors anti reporters. Again, the Putrons of Industry (or farmers, ratlier) to whom the Tribune so feelinrly refer?, are tlie class most benelited bj' the University. Tlieir sous and daughters constitute about threc-fifllis ot the students in the University to comnience with. The farmers themseivea take advantage of the hospital facilite3 mucb more largely tlian any olher da, there being fivc of tlicir number treated to one of any other class in the commonwualtb. It is the farmer boys who need the gymnasium more than any otlier class, too, for being accustomed to much out door pljysical exercise, it 9 more disastrous to tlieir heaUh to do without it.than it Is for tlio song and daughters of professional or city bred families. To conclude, does the Tribune suppose Umt out of upwards of 2,000 young men congregated liere, that tliere will not be some rowdies among the number? Is it justicc, then, to condcmn ia a Wholesale marnier the entire university, for the thouKlitlessMCss of the few? Is it good judgnicnt to sneer at thefaoulties and the courts of justice here becau9e a few rolicking boys tempted a lot of circus men to make brutea of themselves? If there were any prosecutions it would be the circus men who would be prosecuted. They commenced the head Bmathlng, and tirrned with clubs made war upon a lot of bo;8 who had nothlDg but their mouths to light back with. We are very f ar from upholding the students in doinpr wrong. For every overt act they shoukl be punished, the same as any otlier law breakers. They areunfortunate, however, in hftvlng tbeir actlons eznggerated,and being condemned for what they are not guilty of. From the Hlllsdale Leader: The Washington correspondent of theSaginaw Courier-Herakl has tliis to say of the representativo In Congrcss from the second di.-trict : The seeond district can well be proud oftheirrepresentatlve, Mr. Allen, of Ypsilantl. Whlle he does not figure on aay of the important cnminitteesexcept the committeeon Agrlcnlture, he is ahvays on hand and attending to business, and can be secn in the Speaker's chair quite often hen the House is In commlttee of the wbole. On such occasions I notlce he does not seem to bc ill at ease in the least and bandles the House witb as ïnuch ease and grace a9 he coukl manare a platoon of the twenty-ninlh Michigan Infantry in dnys i0le tiy in a rqaad drill. He is not tonjrue lied either, by any means, and the House and galleries have been treated ïnany times during tliesession to samp'es of Michigan loglc oratorically expmsed by the gentleman from Ypsilanti, and it ahvays scoins to hit the target right in the center. Mr. Allen wlll recogni.e an old soldier wearlng the button of the G. A. K. fully as qulck as he will a foreijrn dijiloinat decorated wlth the cross of the Legion of Honor, and is one of the outspoken champious of the rights of the boys of 1800. Just ICO years ngo, on the lOth day of July next, Jessie Lee, the apostle oí Mcthodism, preached the iirst Wesleyan sermon ou Boston Connnons. Now there are npwardi of 1,000 Methodist pulpils and 125,000 communicants in New Kngland alone. That centennlal means somcthing. The dem.ocrats do not üke the idea of Congress passing a Federal e'ectlon law. Why should any honest voter fear the placing of safeguards around the ballot box? It is the dishonest voter who fears that ?


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