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Washington Cor. Detroit Frce Press. C.ipt. Alien mado a good point Ín a lite speech In the House to-day. A bilí itroduced by Mr. Lodge, of Mafsachuetts, w;i3 andei dlscuulon. It proIded for tlie givin;; of some condemned Biition caplured in the rebellion froni onfederate forts tO a Grand Anny post n Boston. Capt. Allen Bttldi "Mr. Speaker, I desire to say that the eason no otlier bilis were introducid pon tliis subject ia because rnembers lave been given to uuderstand that there was no ordnance to be had for this pur)ose. Many memben of Congress have een petitioneü by different posts to see f tlioy could not pet these yry articles, nd they have been told there were none o be had. For that reason no other bilis have been Introduced. That beiug the case, to allow this bill to go lurough now would place every meniber in a very awkvvard position who bas thtis been refused, for he cannot explain to liis Qrand Army l'ost wliy he did not succeed as well as otlier gentlemen. I do not think the bill should pass, because of that fact. If we have been misled, if there was condemned ordnance when we asked for it, then no one should proflt by it. I say that all condemned ordnance captured from the eiiemy should be used to mnke badges for the men to wear who stood In front of tliose same fruns in the times of dange r. I do not believe that Boston is any more entitled to these cannon to be put in lier cemeterics than are the owni In my own district, where sleep hundreds of men who died lor the union. It 8 true they did not {ro frotn a great metropolis. Thoy went from a runil district, but if tlicy canoot have anycanuon, neither should thesoldlers of Boston have ny."


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