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Slnce the French plny of 'SI, aiul tlie Greek play of '84, whlcti attraetod such universal nttentlon througliout the country, it bas been the ambition of Prof. Drake, who was in the latter, to bring out another one by the students. A year ago it wasdecided to take up the Menajclimi of Plautus, a comedy by one of the best of the Latins. The students were carefully selected for it and the work begun. Those who have learned some of Horace's odes know tha work required, aud cun Imagine vvhat it would be to learn au entire play. But it was done and done excellently well. Tlie rendition last Saturday evening brought out a large autiiente. It was not at all ainateurlsh, for tlie lines were ready on the tongue, the action gruceful and unconstrained, while naturalness was malotained throughout. The parts of the twin brothers were admirably taken, one of the hardest, and at tlie same time the best, bits of acting being Mr. Parmly's felgned madness. Erotium was handsouiely dressed and made up. while her deep base voice uttering words of love, brought down the house. Tlie college giils made the costumes, vrblcb wcre ricli and accordDL to ancieot usages. They give the play in Chicago Friday evening and in Detroit next week. Quite a little excitement wascreateĆ” on Decoration Day on Thompson st., by tlie flaunting of a rebel flig frota the window of a southeru lady student Some of the young men of that locality thought that it was not just the sort of a 'decoration" with wliich to commemorate the day, and so they secured the emblem of secesslon and the lost cause, anc tore it iu fragment?, justifying thelr action in thelr patriotistn. The young lady, who is from Tennessee, caught the boys in tlieir closing act of distributing the fragmenta to the wind. She then.we are told,called to one of the munber, gave him a talking to in the true southern style, picked np every shred of the rebel tlig she could find and said that she shoulc procure the most expensive siitin to be bounht, should embroider every piece ol the llag on It, and at the bottom put an Inscrlptlon : "Thls llag was torn to pieces May 30, 1890, by northern students at Ann Arbor, Mlch." The lady should secure the names of the young men and write tliem down also. The boys will be proud of the deed when the years bring gray halrs to thelr head, but we do not believe the young lady will be proud of her part of the transaction. To display that cmblem oc that day, in a city lilled with patriotle people, many of them engHged in strewlng flowers of affection o?er the graves of the soldiers who gave up thelr Uves that that accursed emblem should never represent lts principies ol slavery and oppression on the American continent, was an insult. And the young nen took the proper way to avenge t.


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