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The Late Samuel Crossman

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The following very appropriaie Unes were reail at the funeral of the late Samuel Crossman, on Friday last: May 30, Decoration T)ay, fit occasion for laylng to rest the reraalns of an old soldier, lienutlful day of spring time and llowers, o all the s.-usnn whi'ii nature by her returnln bloom teaches tbe lesson of Immortallty to man. An o!d soldier, whose years almos span tbe nallon's llfe was to-dny lald away to hls flnal rest In Forest HUI- the bcautlfu ceraetery of Ann Arbor. The funeral services were at bis late resldence at tbe head of Wes Huron street, conducted by Dr. slsted by the present pastor of the lïaptls cburcb, Eider Carinan, a church of whlch tlu deceased bad for 35 years been a member Samuel Crossman wa bom Aug. 3d, 17ÍXI, In Hlllsdale Columbla Co. N. Y., a few miles Iroin tbe Conn. State line, of stock resident In New Engluud for a century or more before tbatdate. Hls boyhood was spent In farm labor In Elbrldge.Onondago Co. N. Y. Wbeu a mere strlpllng lie belonged toacompany o state milita, and as a member of siich com pany done duty on the St. Lawrence boundrj In tlio war of 1812. He had an aptness for military táctica and was captain of a com pany before he was 21. It was one of tbe pleasures of hls later llfe to recall the enjoy ment of "General training" diiys. For ai occupatlon he seleeted lliat of carpenter, In whlch he succeeded most admlrably because he was a natural boni mechante. If he had been called upon to name ihe great acbleve ment of hls long llfe, he would have told of the building of a BaptUt church in Sennett, N. Y.t at whlch he was botn building com mittee and contractor. He was marrled in 1819 to Phllena Sheldon of whlch inarrlage tbere were slx chlldreu, four of whom came to years of maturlly: John S. who dled in Willlamston, Mich., someslx years ago. Phll ena HUI of Brootus Cay uga Co., N. Y., LouUa Strong of Dansvllle, MIcl)., and I). K. Cross man of Wllllumston MIcL. In 18tó tbe wife dled, and In 1816 Samuel Crossman was agaln marrled, to Mary A. Sheldon. By thlssecond mui r lage there were two children, one of vvliora dled In lnfancy, the ottier, Chas. S Crossman, of New York Clly. When the Ihiee oldest children marrled, the wife and a son of 17 (George) dled the famüy was reduced in 18 15 to the father and one chlld a boy o elglit years. Then lt was that the father turncel hls face toward Michigan, where nine years bufore lie had taken up lamls from tbe government and where he had already aided in setlling two of the marrled children. Ddiisville Mlcli., then Ingliam Center, bicarae the new home, and here he opened a characterlstic pioneer general store where he conducted merchandising for ten yearg. In 1855, thinking hls active lile uearly past, he bought these grounds and made tlila home, the fourtb place tuut he had builded to hls UkIng. He has been 111 a long time, sick In body and In mimi, and whlle he borc hls lnñrmlties wlth forlitude and resignatlon, hls famlly and friends can only hope that he has gone to a home of perpetual youtli, where tbe inflrmltles of age cannot creep lii to mar and Improvish the days of an lmmortal spring time- they can only hope to come lo the end of Ufe wlth a falth as strong as that whlch kept hlm we to-day mourn.


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