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OPENING AND CLOSING OF THE MAILS OFFICE HOUR8. LOCAL TIME. General 7.30 a. m. to 7.30 p. M. Money-Order and Regisiry Departments 8.00 A. M. to 5.00 P. M. Sun'.liiys 'JO0A. M. to 10.00 A. U. ÜAir.s GOING KAST. f-mJi Dls'"iuDetroit 4 Chicago R. P. 0 7.30 a.m. Kxpress Pouch to Detroit 7.45 A.M Detroit & Orand Kapids B.P.O 11.00 a.m 11.50A.M. Detroit & Chicago R. P.O. 6 25 P.M. B.50 p. M. Uetrolt Chicago R. P.O. 8.0 p. m üxpress Pouch W Detroit S.OO p. m UOIXQ WEST. retrolt Chicago R. P. 0 7.30a. m. Detroit & Chicago K. P.O. 8 55 a. m. 9.3JA. m. Detroit, Three Rivera, & Chicago R.P.0 10.35 A.M. 11.30 .M. Expretw Ponch Iroin Detroit 3.00P. m. Detroit & Grand Haplds R. 1'. O SwSSP. M. 6.30 p. h. Detroit t& Chicago R. P. O. 8.00P.M. OOING XO11T1I. CopemlshA Toledo R.P.O. 7.:U1a.m. 8.15 a.m. Express Pouch from Toledo 6.50 P. M. GOING SOUTH. Bxpress Pouch to Toledo. II.ÜTjA.m Express Pouch irom Du rand & R. P. O 12.30 p. M. Copemlsli&ToledoR.P.O. 8.00P.M.I 730 A.M. EUQEKE E. 15EAL, Ann Albor, itlci.. Jam-, l'ostmaster.


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