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u:se-ball Saturday between Obcrlln and U. of M. The 8:ile of t!ie Palladium tlils j-car has been a notable success. Prof. Greene is to draft plans for a sewerage systcm in Petoskoy. It is well thnt boxinj bas been put upo n llie prohiblted Hst n íleld sports. 'J'lie most popular places on the campu and about town are tlie tennis courts. The D. A. C. nine were defeated last Saturday, by a score of 0 to 19, by the U. of U's. Tlie firít year medies close work for the year I-'riduy and .tlie júniora next Tuesday. It is suggested tl) at the recent u:iusual action of the students Is the after resultof Ia jrrippe. The class tax s beinpr collected by the claas president, W. J. Bnldwlo, who bas chosen treasurer also. Ths new professor of Ilistory n.n; Vclitloal Economy In the!AgrIcultural GS)Ilegre at Lmsinp, is X. D. Corbln. Tlie address before the senior luw cliiíg on belialf of the fiiculty at cnmmencement time, vill be dclivered by Prof. Wells. Soms of the cedar ]iost canes curried by the boys as ïncinentoes of tlie old college fence, are as largo as thelimbs they swing by tlie side of. The Chicago News bas been illustrating the Latln play, to be produccd there Prlday evoning at Central Music hall, by our sophomores. The Sludents' Lecture Associ:ilion bas turned over $900 as the result of this yenr' profits, to tbc gymnasium fuml. Thit shows wh:it hustlera r:ill do. Pa, who is the most popular young man in the worldf Dnnno, son. A suspended college student - e!i. - Grand Rapldd Courtet Journal. Tbe Boston Bymphonj Orciiestra management sends greeting to Aun Arbor tbat tliis grcat musical organizaron will vi-k Aun Arbor ngain next j-ear. All will rejoice over liih bit of news. At a meeting of the Western Gas Associntlon last week in St. Iriuis the University of Michigan got a good advertiseinent for havlng establlsbed a course in gas chernlstry for tlio scicntific education of ;:as engineers. Wuile tlie recent action of :i portion of the studentg, in lowering theinsulves to quarrel wltli circus men, has been ven undue prominencc in the presa of tlie country, vet it is true that the students s a cluss, and the friends of the university all over the country, would feel far better had the scènes never been cnacted. It is altogether probable that the circus that va liere never gave a performance In a university town before, and when they heard theclassyellsof the boys took them for Commanchee war wlioops, and prepared for buttle. One thing ia certain, had tlie mom showt) a partiële of discretion and common sense thcre would have been no trouble. The boys made no attempt ut trouble uutil tlirec or four of their nnmber were knocked down without the least provocation. There have been circuses here every }'ear for a number of years, and tlils is the lirst one that any disturbance has been developed at. They all knew enotiKh to take the college yell simplj-as a yell.and nota cali to battle. It is to be hoped that hereafter the boys will have too raucu pride to engiige in sucli scènes. THE BOTS OF VESTEUDAV. On the occasion of the animal reunión and banquet of Michigan University alumni assoclation of the southwest at tlie Coates house, Kansas City, recently, Chlet Justiee Aibert H. Horton of tbe Bupreme court of Kansas delivered an address is toastraiister, from which the followlng extracts wcrc taken: "Bretbreo of the Mloblgan alumni assoclation of the southwest : Tne liours allolled lo tbla fraternal convocatlon are rapidly passing. Tne elabórate banquet ha buen wetl and bly dlsouBsed, Our tastes have been grstlfled by tbe deooratlona around us and wiili me dalloaoiea upun ihe lable belore us. Krom the enjoynu-ni. of the good thlngs of Hii.s least we turn lo a nectar lit lor the gods. We lea ve the material for the lntellectual- the eurtlily for tbe celestial. Nuw coweii 'the least ol reasou and the Huw of soul "First, however, I accept the privilege, In the name of the assoclaliou, of cordial ly welcomiug our invited guests to lilis reunión, to thls city, the cenlur of the commerce and business actlvlty of the great west. We appreclate tlmt wo wltneaa nero a notable gata erlng. We have around this table many wlio are alstlngdisbed In all the prolessions and walk.s ol life. We have wilh us the president ol Michigan Uutverslly. wlioso name Is bonored beloved and revered Uiroiiuliout the lenglh and breadlh of the laud. We have witn us several distlngulghed membera of the faculty of the universlly, who havegraclously aecepted our hospilallly. We number amoni; those present, Julges, professors, lawyers, doctors, edllors, banken and business men of all classes. Theu for geasoning we have ailili:d u few politiclans Uke our trienüs Jeff Chandler and Major Waruer, who, although leaders f opposlDg partles, possess wonderiul alnlity to cxciUi and arouse the people of M Iwourl, I trltdd to secure a few of the samu Hort from our own staUs, but we have no poliUciaiis iti Kansas. Vou know we are a mudest and relirlng people. We are all agriculmrlsts- all memoen of the farmers' alliauce, or trylng to be membera. All of the former xiudenUtof the Universlty living Iu Kansas ure assidaously thumbiuji over the pages of Vir'll'sUeorglcK. . "l'he fouatalu of learnlng at Anu Arbor Is almoat freej H i.s open toall witiiout regard to st-x or color. The blessings whlch liave flowedand are Üowing from it illlluso themselves through all parts of the republlc. Tbe faotofsuob asuooessfoi meeting as this being hetd in thls city, so remote from tbe Universlty , shows the lar reacliing luüueuce of the lnslltutlon. It Is a beacon llght for uuivcrsiil eduoaUon and universal llberiy. lts Impress la seeu hero, is seen everywhere." At the sanie time Hon. William Warner responded to a tu:ist enUtled "ToDay. " He said: "in the asslgnment of a theme I ani peoullarly fortuuate( for, wandet as j iiay, iHitinng can be said touoblog the worhi's hlstory and progress from the limo Ihe imomiIng slars sang loxetner to the present tbat would not be appropriate to the toast "ToDay.' 11 glves lull range to the imaglnatlon - a wlde field for eloijuence and Ihahis of fancy. To Ütly respoud to It one slioukl be implred with somethlng more thau champagne The speaker snould bavb a tongue 1d eloqaenee au 'rlob aa cbe oolorlng m unoy'a loom.' The blatory of Uie ugea is woverj tuto the warp and woof of to-day; to-day is toe luiiüiiiii'Mi of t!ie, the propbeoy of the future, Tbe impremí ol tbe tboogbte, aspiratlonsand deed, foi good or evll, ofyesterday, wc beal to-day. Ju llke manner tnose ol Uh morrow wili beur the Imprem of our tlioughts, asptratlous and deeda. l'o-day Is all of time we have- the prlnce can liave no more, the beggar DO less. "li 1 were called upon to name the dlstlnclive obaraoterlstlos of to-day I would summarlze tbetn in these word; -Independent lliougitt, aotion, progrew. Before tliese the prlvlleged olawes ofyesterday are dlsappearïng and tbe maalles are sirugíjllug for and towarda a hlgher liberty. Kever since the day of Moses, Uie son of the llebrew bondwoinan, Have the breadwlnncrs -the toilers lu shop and llekl- possessed ihe iutelllgence and held iu their hands the power tbat ther possess and hold to-day. Labor llfts her head from the dust and asserta lier digulty and toil h, r nobillty, whelher lliat labor and toll be of the hand or braiu. In the forefront of the battle lor free thought and the right of man, stand the great universitles, the bulwarks of ilberty. In them theru is noaribtocraey- they aredemocracles pure and simple- ihey recognlze no nobility save that founded on moral worth and lntelllgence. Of these greut instilutiousof learnlng to day none occupy a more advanced positlou or stand liliner tban our alma mater, the Universlty of Micliii;an." The Ann Arbor Alt Club cxhibit now In prof KM at the Ladiee' Library Association building ou E. Hiiron st., is ono that our people wlio are in anyway iaterested in uit, or in the beautiful, shoulü pat do Izo. Evtry year si nee the establishment ol this club the annual exhihlt bas aliowu 'railual improvement, until Ic-iliy many of the plctures sliown miffllt well grace a more pretentloul cxhibit. The rtisplay of decorated chiua is well worth one's time and mouey to see.


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