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Monday evening Aid. Miller woke up a big jungle in the council by calling up the resolution for wldening División street ftt its nortli oud. The property owners wer; there and all wanted big money for thelrland, tliougli in every nstance expect one it Is a benefit to the property. John F. Lawrence wanted $800, Henry Cornell $500, üeubel $400, and Miller $200. The Sutton Estáte offered to take $800 lastyear.and that is the only property in :my way damaged. The talk waxed warm, and the matter was flnally referred to the financecomtnitteeaiid Street commlttee jointly. A protest asrainst the U3e of E. Unlvcrsity ave. by the Electric Steel Kaihvay Co., was laid on tlie table. Ou recommendatlon of the Board of Public Works Smitli Motley wiis appolnted city engineer at a sa!ary of $000. The city attorney was directed to proceed at once lo take nica-mes to vacate the old cemetery. New sidewalks were ordered on the BOUtb side of Hurón st., fïoui First st, to Allen's Creek, and on the west side of State st. from North to Kuiler sts. The finance coiumittee reported the follówlng expenditures for the montb: ContiDgent fond Sl.4i7.72 Pólice " in.50 Water " 1.00 Poor " 129.44 Cemetery ' MJS8 Klreman's " 7M.60 Street fuiul " 7:i.ll Total $3,2 9.90 The finance commltte reported in favor ol lixing the s.iltuy of tl:e health offieer at 100, the president $50 and Inspector $50 per anuni, which was adopted. The sum of $?." was allowed to paii.t the firemau's hall. J. It. Miner, who had been appointed to examine the booksof treasurer and recorder, reported them all right. Aid. Miller offered the follówlng: WiiKitFAS, Therearea nnmber of treetin lliis city tlmt are an obxtruutiun and a nulsance in our st reets and sidewalks to the puhllc, therefore be it Resolved, That the Board of Public Workï are hureby ordered toeul down aud remove sald trees that obstruct our slreetg aud sldewnlks. Whicli was adopted. City Treasurer Watts reported the following balances on hand: Contingent fund over dr.iwn $ 3,805.13 Street " on hand 731.88 Flremeu's " " 1,889.68 Pólice " " 634.89 Poor " " 1.239.84 Water works " " :j,()78.96 Cemetery " " 161.82 DoK tax " " 1U0 00 Delinquent tax " overdraft 5Ü3.4U Total on hand The followiiifr expendituii's of the poor fund was reported: lst ward $ 9.90 2d " lw88 M " 89.18 4th " "r li " yo.ll th ' SJ Total $121.45 Marshal Walsh reported 15 arrests during the month. The Ann Arbor Savings Bank was given the custody of the city funds at the rate of ;i 1-10 per cent. on daily balances and io charge 5 per cent. on OTerdratt?, A communication from Mrs. X. II. Pierce, asking for damages by reason of a f all from a bank on Pontiac street, was rcferred to the city attorney.


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