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Seventeen Election Boards In Hudson

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County, J., wero ladioted by :i grand jury on the üfith for eleotion frauds. The North Dakota Demócrata will hold their State convention at Grond Forks July 10. The Kanatts tlBptiblican State convention wlll meet at. Xopeka September . Bishop O'Coxnob, of the Catholio diodese of Omaha, Neb., di;d on the 27lh. He was fiü years of age. Tino Prohibí tlon State eonvontion of Illinois in session on tho 28th at Woominglon noralnated Robert Link for State Treasurer and l'rof. Cari Johann for Superintendent of Public Instruction. Foub generations of hor descendants joined on the 28th in celebrating tho lOOth birthday of Mrs. Charlotte Smith at the houso of her grandson in Brooklyn, N. Y. The colebration was wound up with music and dancing, and in tho latter Mrs. Smith participatod. Eev. Fatiikk Jacob Nagki., who was known as the oldpst priest in America, died at Buffalo, N. Y., on the 89th uit, aged 80 years. The Democratie State convention met at Burlington, t, on the 2Uth uit. and made the following nominations: For Governor, 11. 1). Brigham; LieutenantGovornor, George W. Smith; Socretary of State. G. O. Kimball; Treasurer, D. A. Pollard; Auditor, Elisha May. FOREIGN. Dvr.ixo a storm on the 20th at Alversleben, Germany, a houso was undermined by water and sixteon of tho occupants were drownod. At Suplinger five persons wero killed by lightning. Aivin:s of the 26th say that the steamer Oneida was wreeked on Janeck Island in Behring sea, and seventyseven Chinamen were drownod. The village of Uepahie, in Armenia, was destroyed by an earthquake on the 27th. No lives were lost. As officer and four sailors wero killed by an explosión of a torpedo factory at Nikolaiev, Russia, on the 'JTth. By tho upsottingof a boat on the 27th at Potsdam, Germany, six army oöicers and sevoral ladios wrto drotvned. I5y a similar accident at Dantzig soven persons were drowned. A FAit.MKn living near Cordova, Spain, refused on the 28th to grant permission to a servant to visit a buil fight, whoreupon the sorvant murdered his master and four other members of tho family. Thk pcoplo of Newfoundland were on the 28th on the verge of revolution and considered their only remedy to be to place the country under the protection of the United States. In Ijondon on the 28th Meissonier'3 picture. "Napoleon and HisStaff, 1814," was bought by Mr. Chauchard for S170,000, the highest prico ever paid for aa oil paintingf. A vioi.kxt storm vlslted the western part of Cuba on the 29th uit., and cities and towns wero inundated, hundreds of buildings wore wrocked, and many persons were drowned and others injured. Largo plantations were destroyed and storo-houses with all their eontents swept away. Tint steamor I'aching, plyin? on tho Woosung river at Shanghai, China, was dostroyed by (ire on the "i'.lth uit., and twenty-two persons porislied. Fiftekn' Nihilists, of botta sexes,werö arrested in I'aris on tho ü'.lth uit. charged with eonspiringagalnst tho lifo of the Czar. Thk various govornments of Europa were on the 2tfth uit. conducting negotiations with a view to common actioa for the BUpprOSsion of anarchy. Fivi-: persons were killed by lightning on the :()th alt. at Hamburg, Germany, and Bixchifjdren were killed by the faíling of a swing at a kindergarten in Beimakindérf.


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