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Tin: percentages of the base-ball clubs in the Playera' Leagne for the weck endod on the :lst uit. wens: Boston, .656; Brooklyn, .617; New York, .."4S; Philadelphia, .531; Chicacro, .517; Cleveland, .428; PittBburgh, .844; Buffalo, .::!. The clubs in tho National League stood: Philadelphia, .025; Brooklyn, .(00; Cincinnati, .000; Chicago, .517; New York, .500; Boston, .468; Cleveland, .370; Pittsburgh, .:j,00. liv the explosión of a kerosene oil-can on the :;ist uit, at Denver, Col., Mrs. A. Morrow and her Hule boy and girl were bui-ned to death. A iivmtKANK swept over Sofia, in Bulgaria, on the lst, complete! y leveling the bui' ';nrs in the north part of the city and wrecking many structures in other portions Eleven persons were killed and several injnred. The proporty loss was 8500,000. A heavy wind-stortn passed over I)!nwiddie County, Va., on the Sist uit., wrecking barns, fence3 and tirabor and destroying the crops. Mrs. Fannie J. McPhkrson died on the Sist uit. at Frederick City, Md., agod 111 years. She was born tho night George Washlnjfton died. Fr.AMKs on the Sist uit. in Dupont's paper-niill at Louigville, Ky., destroyed machinery and material valued at 5125,000. At Curry Jt O'Brien'a roik quarry near Castle Rock, Col., a cave-in on the 31st uit. caused the instant death of B. Quist, John Anderson and F. L. Endenburg. A Fir.rc on the 31st uit in the Hampton woolen milis at l'hiladelphia caused a loss of $100,000 and the death of Frank Mangelstrafs. Mkmoüiat. services were held in the churches of Johnstown, I'a.. on the Sist uit., commemorative of the awful flood of a year apfii. At Middleborojigh, Ky., five blocks of buildings were destroyed bv an inc.endiary flre on the S1st uit... witli a loss of 3300,000. Twtf thousan.l families were left homeless. Müs. Pkteb [OVIïtskn and her three children were fatally burned on the lst at New Haven, Conn., by a flre caused by the explosión of a lamp. A stock train was wrecked on the Sist uit. near Albuquerqtie, N M., and 1,000 sheep were killed. At the leading clearing-houses in the United States the exchanires during the week ended on the Sist uit., agfrregated W, 075, 275, 165, against 91,809,980,385 tho previous week. As com pared with the corresponding weok of 1889 the increase amountcd to 4.8


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