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Ycllowstoiin National Park. Iü view of the wiile spread attent Inn noiv Ccntered in the Yellowstone Nutional Park. the followiiljt e.presions from two of the most eminent Ainer-caii cltizeos, one a seieutist umi the other a clerjfy raau , are of jrreat interest. Piof. John Muir, Callïornin'g distinguished frei!ogist, Bteaklujf of the natiomil resort 8ay! "Situated in the hemt of the Rocky Mountainp, on Ilie bro;id ru;ged suiumlt of the contii.ent imiiil sdosv nul ice and dark shnf;y tonta, wlicre the great rivers take tlieir ri.-e, it surpasses in wakelul, cxcitiiijr Interest any oiher región yet disoovered on lw. face of tlie irl(re." Kev. T. DeWitt Tnlmage, the eminent divine Sayf", "Afler all poetry has xbausted itself, and all the Morans and Uierstadts and otlier enclmntlnji nrtisls have complcted their canvas, there wil! be otlier revelatlons to make and otlier stories of lts beauty and wrath, splendor and agony, to be recitetl. Tl:eYell(iwïtone Park is the colofrisl's paradis?.'' Northern Pucilic Kailroad, the celebi'iiteil dlning car route i the only all rail line to this resion. Por copy of Wonderland, Yellowstone Park Folder and other illnstrated publications, iddress any traveling passenaer at'iit of the conipaiiy or CIims. S. Fee, G. P. fc T. A., N. P. B. K., St. Paul, Mimi.


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