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The most Important tliing in llfe la whut the neigliborH say, The 1 1 ■ 1 1 1 lj tbat. stops or starts tip slrife ÍH what the nelghbors say. No maiter what the caKe may bo, Just look round and you wllí 'l'l' thliiB that governs you and me Is what the nelghbors say. Your wlfe thlnks when ahegets a dress, What wlll the neighbors ay? 8he uliiiost rest tier happlness On what the nelgh borg say. The gtrl wilh the new diamond ring, A sealskln pacque, or some such tblng, Tlilnks. its kIvi'h lier head a Í1 ing, Whal will the nelgbbors Miiy.' You know yourself how much you care Kor what the uelghbors kus'. Romettmes the hardest thlnks to bear Are what the nelghborH say. Yoa may pretend that you don't tnlnd. Kut HtlU you wlnce wben they're unklnd - Thechierthlng In ilils lire you'll tlnd, Is whal the nelghbors say. Prof. John Kussell Soley, wliose appointmetit as As.isUnt Secretary of tlie liavy was jost annouoced, is one of those iiblc men, whom personal experience lias quallfied to discharge the duties now placed upon thcir slioulders in the most perfect way. He was for a number of yeare a cuccessful instructor in the Annapolií Naval Aeademy and. when the United States War Colicué was opened at Oooster's Hnrtor Islam!, Newport Et. 1.. in October 1834 he wan trajifewel to this new school. Hern he snon won great ceUbrily througn hl lectwres on naval warfare. The Institution wa9 desitrncd as a post iradiüite course and only the brittbteat cadvts at Annapolis were admitti'd, a systein which of course tended to produce a body of men highly prolicient In the sclence and art. of naval operations. No doubt can therefore exist as to the wisdom of President Harrlsoii's recent appointment. Many people never accomplisli irmcli bccuusu they never plan for much. If you always do good a? you have opportunity, you will never be idle.


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