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Republican State Convention

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Hkadquartkrs Rf.pubi.ican State i CKNTItAL COMMITTKK )■ Detroit, July 12, 180. i A State Convention of tbe Republicana of MIclilKun wlll be held at the Detroit rink, Detroit bcglnning at 2 o'clock, p. m. Wednesclny August 27, and coiHlnuing Tbursday, August 8, 1S90, for the purpose of nomlnutlng oaudldates for state offices and for Jusllce of tueSupiemeCourt, to flll vucancy; also for the purpose of selectlng a ohairman of the State Central Commlttee and two membera thereof from each coneressloual district, and the transacllon of such other business as may properly come before lt. I ii accordance wlth a resolullon adonted at Grand Raplds May 10, 1876, every county wlll be eutltled to one delégate for each 5uO of the total vote cast for Governor at the last State electlon (November 188). and one addltlonal delégate for every fraction amountlng to SOU, but each organtzed counly wlll be eutltled to at least one delégate. (Jndera resolution of 1858 no delégate wil I be entitled to a 8eat in the convention who does not reside in the county he proposes to represent. The delégate from each congresslonal district are requested to meet in caucus at 12 o'cluck noon, Weduesday, Aug. Ti, and select candldatesas follows, to be presented to the state Convention for conflrraation: Two members of the State Central Cominlttee, one Vlce-Presldent, one Asslstaut Secretary and one member for each ot the Cominittees on "Creclentials," "Ilesolullons," "Permanent OrganizatioD and order of Business." In compliance wlth a resolution adopted In Detroit June 23, 1850, the secretary of each county convention is requested lo forward to the secretary of the State Central Commlttee ( Mo. 84 (iriwoid Street, Detroit), by the earllest mail after the delégales to the State Conventlon are chosen, acertlfled list of such delegates as are entitled to seats In the State Convention from their respective counlies; and also the names and address of the cbalnnan, sBcretary, aud members of their counly coramlttee. H. C. Tii.lmax, Secreiary. Washteuawcoualy is eutitled to 21 delegates.


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