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The following aiticle is taken from the Washington correspondent of the Detroit Tribune, and as it refers to this congresslonal district and its representativos, may be of interest to our readers: Washington, July 22- Tbefe are the days when congressnien are looking after their fences.and happy are the uien wliose limits re well guarded. The great question wlth the Republican congressmen is as to huw their postollicc nominations have turned out. l'here is but one Republican member from Michigan who would not be re-elected if the fourth class postma8ters were appointed to liold during good behavior, according to the Wanainakor plan. The o)d way of changing these petty offices, bowever, stül continúes, and while every congressman acknowledges the inherent wenkness of the system, yet no generally acceptuble solution ot the problem lias as yct been (liscovertd. I siiy that all but one of the delegatlon would be re-elected because they have done such faithfuland efficiënt work here that tlieir districts would be glad to send them back if the election depended, as it should depend, on tlieir work here. Moreover, it is becoming more and more the fashion to send back the good and faithful Michigan men tor more than two ternis, tor the people of the state are beginning to realize the fact that until a member has been here several tenns he cannotexert the InfllMHUM wliich enables hlm to provide well for liU district. The time for the second dlstiict conventíon has not bei-n set. Capt. Allen expectsto sf to Michigan about the middle of August and it is poasible the convention may be called at that time. Capt. Allen rays that he shall take no steps to secure n ruQOiuinittioo, but that if it comes hls way he vvül accept with pleasure. There is no kicking about the Captain' poatofflces. The majority of the licans In cnch town liave bad the man of thclr cholee. If ever i man bonestly and taithfully endcavored to select postmasters Capt. Allen is tliat man. If there s any fault, it's In the systern and not In the captain. This fact is well appreclatcil in his district and the chances are that he vvill be renominated and reelected.


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