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Some weeks ago we published a pctition to taku up wbat is known as the South Lyon branoh of tlieT., A. A. & X. M. H. R., made by the road's attorney Hon. A. J. Siwyer, of thls city. To that Eleakln T. Walker makes answor that on the 24th of Dec. 1S80 Ue owtied and still owns and resides upon about 300 acres, situated in the township of Sulera witlitn about oae-half mile of the line of the road propoaed to be abandoned. On April 27th, 1881, in consideratiou of the agreement of the Toledo, Aun Arbor & Grand Trquk R.K.Co, (of which company the T., A. A., and N. M. H. II. is the snccessor) he subscribcd $100 as aid to the construction of said road which subscriptlon note is made part of the answer, ud is as follows: $100.00. Sai.em, Mleh.. April 27, 181. Whkrkas, The Toledo, Aun Arbor Grami Trunk Rallway Co. (a coriHolldateil Corporation organlzed lu coDformity wlth the laws of the State of Michigan), proposea and liercby asree to butld, equlp and opérate a standard ga ui; e rallroad irom Ann Arbor to Pontlac, in the State of Michigan, and WriEKKAS, Such a rallroad. IÍ built, would add largely to tlio value of all lands and vlllage or city property adjacent to and along lts entlre line. Thkrkfore, In conslderatlon of the public and private benefit, whlch I shall receive, sbould sald rallroad be built, as êtipulated, I hereby request sald Rallroad (Joinpany la build, equtp and opérate the sald proposed rallroad; and 1 hereby promlse and ai;ree to pay to the order of James M. Ashley, as Trustee and President of tho sald Kallway Co. the sum of $100, to ald In the constructlou and completlon, when said rallroad la constructed and the cars are running thereon from Ann Arbor to the Detroit, Lanslng & Northern R'y. Provided, thls note shall be vold unless said rallroid Is construclLd to the D., L. fe N. K. R. before Jan. lst, 1882. Slgued. K.T. Walker. Om the back of this note is the endorsement of f 75 made by A. W. Himilton as sec'y of the T., & A. A. R. R„ and "$25 without recourse," mude by J. M. Asliley, Trustee. Mr. Walker also statea that after the roud was built the Co. proposed to put In a siding at the place known as Walker's Siding, if he would do the grading, furnish ties, and ad vanee the money for frog and switch, all of which he did, at an outlny of $300. Mr. Walker states that all of his contributions and outlays will be a complete loss to him if the pelitiou s (rranted and the road taken up. He also states that he has been and is now a large shipper over the liuc The answer bears the names of Chaa. 11. Whitman and ileury C Waldron, solicitors for respondent. An ijreut is In the city representing a Chicago house, wlio deslres to start a creamery in Ann Arbor. The history of these establishinents in tuis state is quite vaiied, still one might be uble to pay here. Only experience can tel!. One of the quiet, modest weddings occured yesterdiiy, at tlie residence of Dr. W. B. Smith, unltiüg the lives of Benjamin J.Boiitwell, and Ernily Louise Smltb an anneuncement of which was made last week. Only a few relatives and intímate friends we re present, and theall'alr was a quiet home wedding. The party left for Seattle Washington, the same evenlng. Iiight Eminent Grand Conimander Win. G. Doty, of this city will leave next Tuesday for Traverse City, to institute Traverse City Commandery, No. 41, K. T. and install thelr officers, on the evening of Wtidnesday, July 30tU. From that place Ue will go to Petoskey and inspect Ivanhoe Commandery K. T., of that city. Thence via. Mackinac to Marquette where Lake Superior Commandery IC. T. will be inspected. From there to Calumet lo inspect Montrose Commandery K. T. Corrmander Doty will be accompinied by E. C. B. F. Watts, and P. E.C. John R. Miner, of tliis city ai aides de-camp. Several ofilcers of the grand commandery will compose a portiou of the party, as members of t':e stafL


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