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Speaker Pro Tem. Allen

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Mr. Bland has taken it back about Alien as preslding offieer. He inlimated the otlier diiy that the heavy inember f rom the secoml apportioned time unfairly while í i the chair, but he secured the SpeukeiV) eye and said: "Itnppears from some reinal ks whlch Mr. Allen made yesterday morning, and wliich I have read in to-day's record, thatlie eupposed 1 hac cast some reflectious upon bis couducl while oceupying the chair as speaker pro tem. wilh reforence to the time allotted eseh side of tlie House in the debute upon the conference report on the silver bill. Some gentlemen had insisted to me that there was an unfairness In the apportioument of the time; but on an Invesllgatlon ot' the matter 1 found the Speaker was correct in stating that time had been taken up by matters not constituting properly any part of the debate. "I had no intention ofnflecting upon the gentleman from Michigan ; on the contrary, I am satisfieQ that his conduct was wholly fair, that there was no unfuirness about it. I say this as a nutter ot' justic, for I have a very high respect for li lm.1' A laujrhable joke is told on a youii"; couple wbo were out walking a Sunday or two ao, wheeling their first born in a new carriage. They noticed people smlle as they paesed by and wondered what was the matter. The wife tinally sald. 'TH walk ahead a little wnys and you fee if there is anything wrong wilh my drefcs." Nothing to smile at tliere, and the husband called her back and said, "Now let me walk ahead and you see if my pints are busted," and he walked on wheelin" the biiffgy before hlni. ;A quiet little IntiKli brouglit the husband to a sudden hal. before he had {rone twsnty feet, and he blushed all over as she p')inted to tlie trademark on the back cif the baby bugjry. Il read, "Our Own Make." They bad forgolteu to take it off when the biisfy was unpacked. - üoldwater Ri'pubücan. Kaitli can see íq the dark. The brightestfiold lies the deenest. When God's people aie idle devlls are busy. The devil loves stinry men. God loves a cheerful giver. Wliich are you? The preaulier who Is ulways bohlnd wil I sooii have a congregaron just like Mm.


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