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Dear Sir:- The practiciibility of an nniversity eúucatlon has al most from the brginningof its existence been called luto questlon, especlally ín thls country. Tlie result of thisceaseless Inquiry, so characteristic of the American people, has brought forth itsgood result - theunivcrsity has been more aud more changed to suit the requlrementa of practical life. But this demand does not seem entirely satisñed, for thegrumbling still continúes and the curriculum of the univergity is still being remodoled. The University of Michigan, a university of ttie people, for the peoplu, and by the people, insists, in onu respect particularly, upon tuniiug a deaf ear to earnest and prolonged cntreaties of those wlio attend and those who support it. The students have loi'g desired Germán to be tuught by the convcrsntioual inetliod, that they may make use of it in business, know !iow to speak it, not inerely read lt, only that and nothin,' more, but tlie facully Insista upon ignoring the request. Why? Because, so they reason, it is next to impossible to teacli our overcrowded classes with our very íew teachers by the conversational metliod, besides it is impracticable. VVell, we can meet the first argument by saying, il we pay the tuition demandcd, aud you have not enough teachers to Instruct us properly, you must acknowledge that it ia your duty to increase the number. We need not answer the second argumi;nt, happily It has already been show to be fallacious by something carryiug more weigbt than words. Last winter l'roftssor Ciirl Leutwein started a scliool of Germán conversatiou in the Aun Arbor High School, and his great success, as well as the ability his pupils attuloed thowed tlie method was practicable. Must of tlie professor'd pupils were from tlie uaiversity, myself among the iiumber, and in a retnarkably short time they were able to converse well, read and write. Some of his pupils arrived at guch proüciency that they were able to contribute aitiules to the Gorman papers. How many jjraduates of the university, with tlieir four years instruction, can write an article in Germán, that an editor c:in make out, not alone print? It all the students cernid afturd to take such a course as the professor otters, and the hard work of the university allowed it, there would be no use of further ar{uinent; but we know that facts belie ihis. Air. Editor, I hope wlien we return nextyear wu will be gratitied by seeing a course of Germán couveisation installed in the U. of M.


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