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The NurllHTii Summer Resorts of WisconsiD, Minnesota, Iowa and Da kota, not forgetting the famous Excelslo gprlnga of Missouri, are more attraetive daring the present season tlian ever be fore. An illustrated Guide Book, descriptive of a hundred or more of tlie cholees spots of creation, on tlie Unes of the Chl cago Milwaukee & 8t. Paul K'y, will be sent free upon application to A. V. H Oaiu'Knter, General Passeneer Agent Chicago. 111., or to Hakry Mkiicer Mich. Pass. Agent. Chi. Mil & St. P. ]{y 90 Griswold st, Detroit, Micli. 4w The following recipe is sald to be a sure death to tlie carpet bug or Buftalo moth. One ou nee of alum, one ounre of chloride zinc, tbree ounces of salt. Mix with tvvo quarts of water and let it stand over night in a covered vessel. In tlie morning pour it carefully into another vessel so that all sediment may be left bebind. Dilnte this with two quarte of water and pply by sprinkling the edges of the carpet for the distance of a foot trom the wall. Thia is all that Is necpfsary. They ivlll leave bnxesi, beds and any other resort which has been Fprinkled with the solution on the shortest possible notlce, and nothing will be injured in texture or color. Cure Yourself! Don't pay liirge doctor's bilis. The best medical book published, one huudred pages, elegant colored plates, will be sent you on receipt of three 2-cent stamps to pay the postuge. Address A. P. Ordway & Co., Boston, Mass. SCROFULA It Is that impurity in the blood, which, accumulating In tho glands of the ncck, produces unsightly lumps or swellings; which causes painful running sores on the arms, lcgs, or feot; which dcvclopes ulccrs ia the eyes, ears, or nose, oiten causing blindness or doalness; which is tho origin of pimples, cancerous growtlis, or the many other manifestations usually ascribed to "humors;" which, fastening upon tho lungs, causes consumptíon and denth. Being tlie most ancient, it is the most general of all diseases or affectlons, for very few persons are entirely free from it. TBcrCURED By taking Hood's Sarsap.irilla, which, by the remarkable cures lt has accomplished, oiten when other medicines have failed, has proven itself to be a potent and peculiar medicine íor tliis dlsease. Some of these cures are really wonderful. If you suffer from scrofula, be sure to try Hood's Sarsaparilla. " My daughterMary was afflicted with scrofulous sore ncck from the time slie was 22 months old till she became six years of age. Lumps formed in lier neck, and one oí them aíter growing to the slze of a pigeon's egg, became a running sore íor over tliree years. We gave her Hood's Sarsaparilla, when the lump and all indications of scrofula entirely dtsappeared, and now shc sceins to be a hcalthy chlld." J. s. Cablile, Nauright, N. J. N. B. Be sure to get only Hood's Sarsaparilla SoMbj.lldruggist. fl;ilxforfL. Preparedonly bj C. I. HOOS & CO., Apctheculei, LoweU, Mui. IOO Doses One Dollar


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