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Prof. and Mrs. Rogersleave iorthe eas to-day. Percey Douglass is spending the week ia Detroit. Prof. B. C. Burt is visiting friends in 'Jinulia, Neb. Mr. and Mra. S. Rosentlmler spent Sunday In Detroit. Mies Edith Phillips, of Toledo is visiting at A. H. Roy's. Edward Taylor, of Cliurch et. is visiting friendain Saline. Dr. G. W. Lacea has been iu the city during the week past. Prof. E. Baur returned fiom a vlsit to Bay Port last Saturday. Miss Carol Britton, of Detroit, s visiting Miss Bertina Bliss. Mrs. Wilson of Chicago is visiting her mother, Mrs. N. Chapín. Mrs. Prof. Wlnchell Is visiting her daiijjhter in Minneapolis. Col. H. S. Dean and daughter Ie ft this a. m. for Old Mission Beacb. Miss Jennie Wines has returned from a visit with friends in Ho wel 1. Miss Maggie Donnelly is in Detroit visiting her sister Mrs. Jackman. Fred Eberbach has gone to Kalkaska in practice with Dr. J. S. Henry. Fred Wuerth, with John Wuhr, is taking a week's vacation, lishing. Miss Eliza Hosmer of S. 12th st, has moved to West Somervllle, Mass. Miss Jennie Worthington, of Albion, is visiting Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Mills. A. D. Seyler and C. C. Warner are spending the week at Silver Lake. Prof. and Mrs.F. Hamilton of Bucyrus, Odio, left for home last Saturday. Vincent Crittenden with H. K nulall, ia up the lakes on a fishing vacation. Miss Anna D. Robinson leaves on Monday next to vislt friends in Cleveland. Rev. Fayette Ilurd has removed from E. Universlty ave. to íTo. 30 Ingalla st. Miss Tessa Kearns, daughter of Jas. Kennis, is visiting friends In Port Huron. Mrs. J. M. Cook and son leave to-morrow for Indiana to be absent soine weeks. Miss Kninia Buschman of Tvvo Iïivers, Wis., s visiting Miss Cotant, on S. 12th st. S. S. BUtz nnd family returned Monday from a week's stay at the Keystone Club House. Mrs. Reardon, of Monroe st, is spending the summer at her fornier home in Midland. Mrs. Orlando Wheeler and little ton, are viiiting at A. M. Chirk'i", on S. División st. Miss Anna Condón and brother John are vlsiting frlends in Detroit and Harrisou Island. Mrs. R. J. Nclson and son Iialeigh are spendlng a week or two In Detroit and on the lakes. John Sclilee rtturned Monday from a week's vacation, spent wltn his parents near Geddes. Mrs. E.B. Pond and daughter Miss Loulse Pond have been in Detroit during the past week. Miss Lizzie Clark who has been visitlng at Gilbert Blies's, rcturned to her home Friday. Miss Ada Latson of Webster, and Miss Laura Crawford, of Milford, are visiting at D. C. Fall's. Mrs. lbisbruck and daughter Ada, of Marshall, are spending severul weeks at Moses Seabolt's. Mrs. Payne, of Packard st., and daughter Jessie, left for the Indian Territory ïuesday morning. Dr. Gibbes, Dr. Kapp, and Will Eberbach went to Strawberry Lake Monday, for a two day's fish. Harlow Olcott, Supt of schools at Ishpemiug, is spemling some time at bis farm west of the city. Miases Addie and Bessie Stevens have been visiting Miss Comstock at Ypsilanti during the week past. Heury G. Binder, Jr., of Detroit, is spending a few days in the ctty with bis beautiful young bride. Lee Kapp and O. Vaughan got up at 4 o'clock Monday morning and rode uto Detroit on their bikes. H. M. Frost has accepted the cliair of mathematica in the Kast Saginaw high school for the coming year. Miss Sara Whedon expects to leave tbls week for a visit with her sister Mrs. Phillips, in Mllwaukee, Wis. Mrs. Archte Johnson, of St. Paul, Is expected at the home of her father, GalTin Bliss, this week for a rislt. Chas. Spoor and daughter, Mrs. Eugene Mutschel, returned Saturday from a visit to the Adirondack mountains. Herman Baur, of St Louis, Mo. , with his two sons, are spending the sammer with his brother Prof. E. Baur. Cheed Tuttle was in the city Saturday, visitlng hls mother, Mrs. M. M. Tuttle. He Is now located at Spring field, 111. Isaac C. Aston, Esq , of Columbus, O., and daughter Mrs. John G. Silver, are visiting at J. T. Jacob's for a few days. Miss Lillie Condón, ot South Unlverslty ave., returned home Monday from a tliree weeks visit to Detroit and Grosse Isle. Prof. W. S. Perry expects to leave next Monday for a visit of two or three weeks at hls old home in Oneida Co. New York. Rev. S. Clemens and family accompanied by Chas. Clemens and family of Detroit, are in camp at Independence Lake. Frank O'IIearn, Ed. Duffy, Jr., and Tom Slater went to Strawberry Point Monday evening for a two week's enencampment. Mrs. Upson and daughter Mrs. Breymen, who have been here since the death of Mrs. Dr. Lacea, returned Monday to Topeka, Kansas. Mrs. W. L. Martin, of Cheboygan, Is visiting rclatives in Saline this week, and next week is expected here to spend a few days at O. M. Martin 's. Miss Grace Flagg, of S. Thayer st., left July 3d for Pentwater.where she Is spending the summer with her grandparent?, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Klagg. Judge Cooley has returned from Washington, D. C, to be present at the marriage of his son Charles on Thursday July 24th, with Miss Elsle Jones. Prof. H. C. Adama, who has been granted a leave of absence from the Uuiversity for one year, will spend the time in Washington, D. C, in the government service, wrestling with census statistics. T. F. Moran, lit. '87, of Elk Hiver, Minn., is spending the vacation at the home of his parents In Manchester. He was in the city greeting his many old friends here the last of the week. Prof. Moran will return to Red Wing next yeur. Next week Miss Kite E. Jacobs leaves the city to accompany Mrs. John E. Griffltiis and Miss Winifred Granger of Detroit, who go In company with Mi3s Helen Iloby's art class to Keene valley and the Adirondack's for a six week's I ketching tour. In digging a cesspool at the hotnc of H. M. Frost, on S. Ingalls st., a vein of soft coal about three Inches thick was f ou ml at the depth of ten feet. Emil Baur jr., of this city, has been appointed bugler for the brigade at the state encampment at Goguac Lake. He will make the cali heard over the entire camp ground. Mr. M. B. Harutun, a native Syrian, and a student at lïochester Universily.N. Y., will speak at the Baptist church, Friday evening, the 25th, on the manners, custoins, and religión of hia country. A collection will bc taken to defray expenses. At Battle Creek a few day's siuce Miss Beach while out nding was kicked by a horse and had her skull broken Leiiig killed almost instantly. She was a Bister of Miss Myra Beach who is a inember of the literary class of "93, and has inany acquaintances and friends in the city. Prof. M. E. Cooley has a new patent water motor that he has been testing wltb considerable satisfaction, taking the water ftom a hydrant near where Allen's creek crosses N. Main st. It is clalmcd that there is a great increase of force over the old style of motors, and Prof. Cooley bclieves it. A portion of Company A left yesterday for the encampment grounds at Goguac Lake with stores, supplies, etc. The company itself marched off this morning with about 50 men in line to reinain during the week as active soldiers. Maj. Millard will have several Ann Arbor people as cuesta during the week. "Say, Mr. Keporter," sald a West IIuron street resident to a CouRibk representativo yesterday, " I see that Mr. Keech claims In your paper that more money had been expended on W. Iluron street last year than on any other street in the city. I tliink lic must bc mistaken, or else no other streets were improved very much. Hasn't Mr. Keech included the work done in opening up V. Second 8t.t with the amount spoken of ? It is asserted that considerable of the money appropriated for W. Huron went into V. Second st. And really about all the money laid out was paid to Mr. Sipley for a strip of land to widen the street. It was not paid out for work on the street. Vhy, sir,"continued the citizen, becoming very earnest," there has not been hardly a cent of money expended to iraprove the roadway or sidewalks on our street in years, and we now have one of the most populous avenues in town. We have fine ïouses and more golng up all tht time. And a popul ition of excellent citizens. There is not a cross walk on W. Huron st. from Main st. to the city limits. rhink of that! Will the Board of Public Works contémplate that fact for a few minutes I wonder ? Then some of the walks ! Just come with me a few minutes and 111 show you a strip of sidewalk hat will make a man shudiler to walk over in the day time, and how do you :hink we and our families get over it at night ? I refer to the remnants of boards down by the foundry and along there. A man with any regard for his limbs or fe has to take the street for IL We are not kickers up our way. Most everyone on the street voted for street-crossings in pure self-defense, and not a soul of us but rejoices at improvements wherever they may be made, but we do feel that our Idewalks and our street crossings have been sadly neglected. We have suffered a long time from this neglect, and the only way we see to remedy the matter Is o commence kicking. We don't want o engage in that sort of pastime, but it ooks as though we would have to. Just put this conversation in the paper, Mr. ieporter, and oblige the sufferers. (Jood d,iy, sir.''


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