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The Tecumseh Postoffice

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Evidently, to Mr. Stevens, the Tecumseh postnffloe is the largest object in sight lii all this second Congressional district. Tbe fact is, Mr. Stevens wanted that office, a wortby aspiratlon, but for some rcason didn't get it. We are sorry always when a worthy man is disappolnted. We would llke to see every office seeker provided for, at least for once. We always sorrow over affiiction, never like to ix-e any one cold, or hungry, or sick. We have even been known to pull out from our scanty store, a quantity of food sufnVient to prevent friction between the opposite side of a tramp's So too, we extend sympathy to all who struggle and strive to win the prize, but the, some of us must fail; we've falled sometimes ourselves. Our heaviest edltorials sometimes fall uith a thud, and wlmhvs cali our witty column sometimes mukes somebody mad. We turned a patroiiV "ad'' upside down one week, and the patrón tlireatened to do unto us likewise. Whatoflt? We don't llke bitter tbins iiiy more than we can help, but we get ilicin al! tüe same. When smarting under the goad, however,ve restrain ourselves sometimes from doing a foolish tbing, by calling to raind an incident of early lií'e. A boy of our acquaintance three years old and unweaned, got mad 011e day because bis mother refused the nourishment hls vigorous appetite craved. He got mad, we say ; he tore things; he tore down the garden fence. Thereupon tlie stroet eows wslked in and destroyed tbe garden, p.iterfaiuilias eot sued for bnakiiig thelr legs in getting them out, puid a heavy line by order of the court, and in tiylng to get even with his proaecutor, luid his liead broken, Involving a big doetor's bill and rencral netrleet ot his ciops; his creditors forecloscd their moitgaies and closed him out generally. all this, noone ever feltjust right towards that boy, and so, on every anniversary of the fence act, he was caugbt and soundly spanked by the ntiglibors, and everybody said, "served him right." We've alway feit since theu, that 110 buugry stomach, no postónico witheid, no disiippointed ambition should ever induce us to tear down the garden fence and let into the Inclosure, the wild beasts of the 6treet to destroy tbe peace and siislfiiaime of patei familias. The result is, we enjoy the annlversiirics of our dUappointments flrgt rate, and thaiik our stars for the absence of the annual spauking. We trust Mr. Stevens will not forset that boy. Tbere are interests lar;er than any postoffice, and considerations of duty of more importanee than niay fill the eye of auy of us when smarting under defeat. If we are philosophers, however, and are willing to forget self, the day will come wben tbe wrong, lf there be a wrong, will be righted, and no interest su flur. In no relatlon of life is man more noble, than when, for the sake of a cause, he siuks self, casts aside all personal feeling, and marches to victory in stip with tbe hosta that fight for principie and tbe cause with wliich tbey are identiflid.


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