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Some of the democratie newspaper liowlers take on pitifully over the erowth of the cities and the standing still of the country districts as developed In some portions of the central and eastern states by the census, and appeal to the prejudices of the farming communities as au evidence that the tariff is detnorallziog agrlcultural pursuits. But tbe average farmer is probably sharp enougli to see tliat the large cities are obüged to consume hls products, and the more numerous tbe greater tlie demand for cereals and breadBtuffs. Do away with the tariff. Wipe oul our industries by suicldal free trade. Force the fuecbanics and city workmen to the country to become producers in corapetltion witli the already too numerous farmers, and Uien see what will become of our farmers ! The Detroit Tribune slzes up one man in pretty good Btyle: "And what is Henry George? A polltical boss of high ambition wlio lias put money in his purse out of poor meii's pockets; a wholesale dealer in isms and rainbows and vagaries; a liocl-carrier for the democratie party ; an agitator, adventurer, un-American in spirit, tbought and deed; a chronlc grumbler and kicker against everythiug American. The great mass of the people have no confidence In him and no disposition to inake a Iiero of him." We have heard from overal dlstant and different gourcen. that Ypsüanll bad tlirown up electrlo llghling as too expenulve. Oh, no! The mlllenlum glory wlll be near wben Ypsllanti doe nuch a thlng as that. Mr. Deabel has dlscontlnued furnlsh]ng private partles wlth electric Ught. That. ia all. Ypsllantl stlll does business at the old fttand on the principie of "d- n the expense."- Senilnel. Ypsilanti believes in the principie that municipnllties should engage in business. She therefore ran In debt for the electric light plant and finds it expensive, aod bas to p:iy interest on her debt besides the running expenses of the system. Charlty begins at home. After the United States provides for her own citizens Uien will be time enough to lend a lielplng hand to those of other countries by tneans of f ree trade.


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