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A Daring Scheme

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Tuesdity morning Sheriff Dwyer got up very early because of the illness ot one of iii.s clilldren. As was his custom niised the sraall door of the opening in the wall through whlch food s passed In to Ujh pi i-oners, to look In nnd see if all was well. Upon opening the door, or lid, his eycs begaa to bulge out in huge proportions, for he found thnt hecouldn't look through, as something had been placed upon the opposite side, inside the prison corridor, to prevent. No prisoner had accoss to tliis corridor, and he quickly grasped the situatlon. An attempt had been made to break jail. The celerity with which he flew to the prison door was unequaled by any move he ever before nmde. l'nlocking the outer door he gazed intu tho corridor and found everything quiet. Quickly going to the cage door tuut surrounds the cells he found it open, but every prisoner, some ten or more In number, was in his cell and fast asleep, as innocent of what had been going on as new bom lambs. Iavestigatiou developed the fact that during the nlglit some expert among the prisouers had done what it was thought an impot-sible thlng to do, had picked the enge door look with a wire, had opened the door and made a vigorous attempt to dig out. In the southwest corner of the corridor gurroundlng the cage a pipe had been laid to connect with the jail sewer. Here the prlsoners had dag a large hole in the hope of reaching liberty. But afier gi-tting down a foot or so they come upon a sul id bed of cement grouting, thrc ugli which they could not dig. They used a bar of iron broken oflfof the bath tub to dij; with. The wire used had beeu pas.-ed in to the prisoners by some one, for it was new, and no wire is used bout the jail. They had wound it with cloth to prevent iu grating upon the bars h tht-y picked the lock. UeĆ­ idea two pieces of wire and the bar of iron, Blieriff Dwyer found in their pos8c8.sion two billles, made of an old mop handle, with which they hoped to flght their way to liberly. The plan was a bold one and ingeniously wurked, and the only thing that saved a wliolesale escape of prisoners was the fact that we have an excellent jail, wtll made.


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