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"For f ree trade everytliing. For free men tiothing." Democratie doctrine. The demociala should endorse Prohibltion Partridge, by all means. He 8 a huiumer! ('iinliiiül John Heury Newtnan, of LomlonEugland, died Sunday last, the lOth inst. He was bom in London, Feb. 21, 1301. ,...■ Tliere are about 100 cougressional diatricts i:i the United States whcre few but demoernts are allowed to vote. 18 tliat the American dea of jattice f Respectfully referred to the Adri.m Press. The wife of H. B. Rowlson, of the Hiilsdtile Standard, died Tutssilay even'ng after a protracted illness. In bis atlllction Mr. Itowlson wlll have the sympathy of the ineinbers of the pre?s of the state. At the Lenawee coitnty convention held last Saturday, It U understood tbat Turner has 16 and possibly 18 of the iiel!gatcs for goveruor, wliile Allen will have 20 of the congression:il delegates, and Spauldinji probably slx. If you could make anything but robbery out of free trade, it wou ld be a cliarity to the public to ehow how it can be done. It will rob our workingmen for the benefit of the workinijmen of foreign nations. Would it be wise to do it? The latvst democratie candidate for the presidency is Senator Brice of New York, representing Ohio in the U. S. Senate. He would be an appropriate candidate, and is accustomed to chasing rainbows. By all means let Calvin have the riominution. Will our democratie contempornrles please teil usof justone rlght of acitizen of the United States that g abrldged or in any way interfered with by the Federal clcctiou bilt? If o rights ai e iuterfered wlth but the rights of all protected thereby, what possible object lona can there be to it? _o Gommencement program at tlie State Agricultural College, Lanslng: Thursday, Aug. 14, 4:30 p. m., drill and dress parade of the Cadet corps, revlewed by Adl. Gen. Alnger. Frlday, Aag. 15, 8 p. m.. society reunlons Sunday. Aug. 17, 3 p. m., Bacctilaureate Sermón, President Clute. Monday, Aug. 18, 7:30 p ra.. Claas Dy. Tuesday, Aug. 19, 10 a. m., Commencement ExctcIkcs. Tuesday, Aug. 19, 8-11 p, m.. Presiden t's Reception. The people of New York City have allowed horse atables to be built near the tomb of Gen. Grant. The G. A. R. boys ought to have met in New York thls year. Had they done so that sleepy old town would have been tnught a lesson she would have always remembered. Gen Gran i's remalns ought to be removed, and placed at the natlonal capital where proper respect will be shown them. The rallroad bosnes pald the niuhis to work and eat and drink and support tlielr fRmlleR; the knlghU pay the newbosses and malntaln tbem In luiury for dlrecllug them to He idle and starve. It Is a queer world ; It naH a bllllon and a half of human belngs od It and they are mostly fools.- Detroit Kvenlng News, Aug. 12. The above ends an editorial upon the recent N. Y. Central R. R. strike. The last sentence doe9 not apply to the man who wrote the article - certainly not! But just read sonie of bis free trade argu ments(!) occaiionally and judge for yourself. J. A. Keltb, formerly of the Caro Democrat, has purchased the Mt. Clemcns Press, and will try hls Journal ietic fortune in that great health resort. Mr. Xeith is as good a newspaper man as there Is in the state. He is a hustler wbo makes it a point to always get there, and the people of Mt. Clemens are to be congratulated upon the accession of himself and hls estimable family to their ranks. Aside frorn his,"pcrnlcious politica! principies1' he has the hearty good wlll not only of the Cocrier, but of the prcas of the state. Shake ïST-ftlIn the death of so brllllant a man as John Boyle O'Riley, the poet and newspaper man, the entire nation mourns. He was but 46 years of age, and being a man ot splendid pbysique, bid fair to have many yeare of usefulness. Ilis death was caused by a mistake In taking sonie medicine for iusomnia, it is supposed. He was the editor and pnrt owner of the Boston Pllot. Hls 's history reads more like a novel than llke j relity. '


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