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Three Injunctions Have Been Served By

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people living ou Forcal ave. agaii'st laying the track for the new electric Street railway on that Street. The first ono is by Mr. A. H. Holmes, who has a llvery and boarding stable on thát avenue, and who bellevfs that the cara passing there would raüterially injure hia business. The ncxt is by Dr. II. Gibbes who claims that the cars passing liis house would jar lus microscope and Interfere with his scientific iuvestigations. The next is by Peter D. Woodruff wlio claims to own the street raostly himself, and the council haa no right to grant the atreet car company a franchise. Aside f rom Mr. Holmes' (and his is more apparent than real) no reasonable reasons are given why the road should not be constructed. It ssems that everybody wanU the road, but desirea to have it built on]some other person'a atreet. The history of thia improvement is but the history ,of nearly all Improvements that have been made in our city. All have been cotnpleted against opposltion, as this will be, and afterbeing completed the unanimous voice will be that "it is a gooil tliing." A young lad about slxteen years old, whose home is in Bay City, but who is vlsitlng here, raised two orders for sparrows yeaterday, one from 30 cents to $3.30, and nnotuer from 30 cents to #6.30, and drew the ruoney thereon from the treasury. County Treasurer Brehm mistruating that aomething waa wrong, went over to the City Clerk'a office and compared the orders with the stubs, and found the fraud. The young man was hunted up and he disgorged the money. The fault seeras to be that in preparing the blank for aparrow orders there is no space left to write out the amount to be paid, making it easy to change an order. Dr. Roy S. Copeland, of Dexter, who waa Pi of. MacLachlan's assistant last year In the eye and ear clinic at the Homcuopathic College, has located in Bay City, and will devote himself to the practlce of hia apecialty. Hia large experience and practical training in the treatment of these disenacs makes him fully competent to handle them succesarully, and we predict for him unusual success.


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